high temperature anti chemical corrosion resistant compound coating

BD427 high temperature anti chemical corrosion resistant repair compound epoxy ceramic coatings


Product description:
BD427 high temperature anti corrosion chemical resistant cermaic coating compounded by various high performance
corrosion resistant material and modified toughening heat resistant resin to give rise to the copolymerization,to form
the interpenetrating network structure and generate the synergistic effect.In this way,it effectively improves the corrosion
resistance of polymers.

Product usage of our BD427 anti corrosion chemical high temperature resistant coating:
It can be preparation of anti chemical corrosion resistant epoxy coatings on the surface of machine parts of suffering from
corrosion under the temperature of 200 degree after using it together with our own composite high temperature resistant
curing agent or used as the undercoat and topcoat of BD428 high temperature flakes anti corrosion chemical resistant coating.
This product doesn’t contain any organic solvent,the curing product has no the micro pores,it can effectively avoid medium
immersing through solvent evaporation pores and causing under-film corrosion.

Product packaging actual photo of BD427 high temperature anti chemical corrosion resistant coating:

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