epoxy resin filling repair castable grouting material wear resistant coating

BD69 epoxy resin filling material/castable material/grouting material


Product description:
BD69 epoxy resin filling material repair compound contains epoxy resin,curing agent,functionality filling materials three components,
the product uses low viscosity resin,special curing agent and special filling material,it provides the best choice for users large scale
equipment grouting.It can effectively solve the problems of delaminating,cracking and deformation etc.which caused by the large scale
equipment vibration,impact and chemical corrosion for grouting layer,it reduced the equipment shock and keep the equipment be
long-terms accurate positioning.In this way,it can improve operating efficiency,cycle and service life of the equipment,the product
doesn’t contain solvent and other volatile substance which is harmful to human body.

Product features:
1.With high strength for early stage,can provide much better mechanical performance of compression resistant and bonding etc than
the cement substrate material.

2.The operation time is long,can offer the operation time as long as 60 min (25 degree),suitable for the using of large volume grouting.

3.The shrinking percentage is low: should make sure that the grouting layer after final molding contact with the bearing surface completely,
ensure the high accuracy of the equipment installation.

4.With excellent performance of creep resistant,epoxy grouting material can be used for a long time under the bad physical working condition
of the long-terms temperature from -50 degree to 80 degree alternate freezing and thawing,vibration compression.It has no plastic deformation,
ensure the equipment accurate localization for a long time.

5.With good toughness: epoxy grouting material can defuse any dynamic load which caused by the rotary equipment passing on and can
make the cement substrates grouting layer blow out.

6.corrosion resistance: it can bear long-terms contact corrosion of acid,alkali,salt,grease and other chemicals.

7.The origination viscosity is low: with good liquidity,it can repair very fine crevice.

8.Curing and gel time is flexible,it can satisfy different construction requirements,convenient for construction.

Product packaging photo of BD69 epoxy resin compound filling repair pourable grouting materials


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