crusher low temperature filling material backing compound epoxy adhesives

BD67 low temperature resistant crusher backing adhesive epoxy compound

Product description of BD67 crusher low temperature repair epoxy filling material backing compounds:
The BD67 low temperature backing epoxy compound adhesive is used for filling the space between the liner plate and the matrix of
the crusher,the clearance between the rubble drum and the jacket, and the gap between the cone and the protective layer.Besides,
this kind of backing adhesive serves as the buffing material as the equipment is exposed to the impact of the crushed ores,
or when the equipment is under the circumstances of the load vibration.

Property Characteristics
Before being cured:It is safe, environment-friendly and easy to be operated, with good flow-ability and strong fill-ability.
After being cured: It features low shrinkage percentage, strong bonding performance and high-carrying capacity,and can be removed.

Product packaging actual photo of BD67 crusher low temperature resistant filling material backing compound:

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