crusher filling material backing adhesive epoxy compound wear resistant coating

BD66 crusher lining plate filled material epoxy adhesive backing compound

Packing specification: 
Two components,20Kg/group,packed in a iron drum.


performance features:
Before curing:with good fluidity and strong filling ability,easy to operate,safety and environmental protection
After curing:with low shrinking percentage and good adhesion,bearing capacity is high,can tear down
Can cure at the low temperature of -5℃
With high impact resistant ability,especially suitable for the lining plate filling of coarse broken gyration type crusher


BD66 crusher filling material product usage:
BD66 crusher filling material (backing adhesives)  is used in the filling/supporting between crusher lining plate and substrates,gravel barrels and jacket clearance,support cone and protective layer space,at the same time it can be used as buffer material,when the equipment suffers impacting or load vibration from broken ore, also used in the structural reinforcement,impact resistant vibration of ball mill wear resistant lining plate and cylinder clearance.

BD66 crusher filling material is the general chemicals,should pay attention to waterproof and preventing fire in the process of transportation and storage,stored in a cool and dry place,the storage period is 6 months.

Product packaging photo of BD65 cone crusher liner plate filling material epoxy backing compound:

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