air operated fine particle anti abrasion wearing compound ceramic coating

BD704 air operated small particle wearing compound abrasion resistant epoxy alumina ceramic coating


Packaging specification of BD704 small particle abrasion resistant epoxy coating air operated wearing compound:
1.Our common packaging:Two-component,10Kg/group,packed in a plastic drum,A component:7.5Kg/drum,
B component:2.5Kg/drum.
2.We could offer professional customized packaging and sub-package services based on users’ requirements.

Product description of BD704 air operated wearing compound small particle anti abrasion resistant
ceramic epoxy coatings
BD704 air operated small particle abrasion resistant coating wearing compound is the high performance abrasion wear resistant,
corrosion resistant polymeric ceramic material which compounded by high performance wearing abrasion resistant,
corrosion resistant material and modified epoxy resin.Used in the protecting of fine particles erosive wear,can bear a certain amount of
impact vibration,at the same time,this material has excellent chemical resistant performance

Performance features:
1.With very high bonding strength to metal substrates
2.Don’t flow,good form-ability,with fast curing speed and good operation manufacture-ability
3.Suitable for the repairing and protecting of various wearing abrasion,corrosion working condition.

Product packaging actual photo of BD704 air operated small particle wearing compound epoxy ceramic anti abrasion chemical resistant coating:


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