flotation tank corrosion wearing compound ceramic epoxy paste coating

BD7052 flotation cell anti chemical corrosion abrasion wearing resistant repair epoxy compound ceramic coatings


Product description:
BD7052 flotation tank repair epoxy compound anti wear abrasion corrosion chemical resistant coating is the high performance
abrasion wearing resistant polymeric material compounded by high performance wear resistant particle (silicon carbide,
carborundum etc.) and modified toughening wear resistant resin.Widely used in the repairing of the potion corrosion and
wear abrasion caused by mineral grains in the flotation cell,can also used in the preparation of wear/abrasion & corrosion
resistant pre-protective coating on the inner wall of flotation cell directly.

 Product feature of our BD7052 anti chemical corrosion wear resistant flotation tank repair epoxy coating
1. With excellent wearing abrasion resistance,corrosion resistance
2. With very high bonding strength to various metal substrates
3. The facade doesn’t flow,construction is convenient,without high technical requirements for the constructors.
4. Suitable for the repairing and protecting of various wear abrasion,corrosion working condition.

Product packaging actual photo of BD7052 flotation cell repair wear corrosion chemical resistant coating:


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