anti heat wear abrasion corrosion chemial impact resistant coating

BD765 high temperature anti abrasion corrosion resistant epoxy ceramic coatings

Product description:
BD765 high temperature anti abrasion corrosion resistant coating is the high performance interpenetrating network
structure high temperature resistant,wear resistant polymeric ceramic material which compounded by high performance
wear resistant,corrosion resistant materials(like ceramic,silicon carbide,carborundum,titanium alloy etc) and inorganic
high temperature adhesives.Widely used in the preparation of wear resistant coatings on the surfaceof various machine
parts which have high temperature,abrasion resistant requirements.The highest temperature resistant is 600 degree.

Product features:
1.With excellent wear resistant and corrosion resistant performance
2.With high bonding strength to the metal substrates
3.Convenient for construction,without very high technology requirements for the constructors.
4.Suitable for the protection of high temperature corrosion and abrasion working condition.
5.It can be blade coating directly for both the facade and ceiling,Don’t drip and slide,don’t need support.
6.The cured products are water resistant,acid and alkali resistant.

Packaging Details:
Packed in a plastic drum, two-component,10 Kg/group,A component: 7.5 Kg/drum, B component: 2.5 Kg/kettle.

Storage and Warranty:
Store it in the cool and dry place,keep away from moisture.The warranty period is 12 months.

Product packaging photo of BD765 high temperature anti wear abrasion corrosion resistant ceramic coating:


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