high temperature wear abrasion corrosion resistant compound paste coating

BD766 high temperature anti wearing abrasion corrosion chemical resistant repair compound epoxy coating


Performance features:
1.Excellent in wearing/abrasion & corrosion resistance.
2.With very high bonding strength to various metal substrates.
3.Convenient for construction,without very high technical requirements for the constructors.
4.Suitable for the repairing and protecting of high temperature wear abrasion working condition.
5.Can do blade coating directly for both facade and ceiling,don’t drip and slip,without the support.

Product usage of our BD766 anti chemical abrasion wear corrosion high temperature resistant epoxy coating:
Two components,fine small particle,room temperature curing,with good wear abrasion resistance,the highest temperature
resistant is 600 degree,used in repairing and protecting the wear resistant power plant desulfurization system gas flue.

Product packaging actual photo of BD766 high temperature chemical corrosion wear resistant coatings:

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