epoxy floor repair compound anti abrasion wear resistant topcoat coating

BD73 epoxy floor coating abrasion wear resistant topcoat


Product usage of BD73 epoxy wear abrasion resistant floor topcoat coating:
The Hundred Shield Coating BD73 epoxy terrace abrasion resistant top coating is the aromatic series polyurethane,the product is abrasion
resistant,with good toughness,do not change colors,it is mainly used in the wear resistant reinforcement of indoor epoxy floor,it can make
the epoxy terrace bear the repeated crushing blow of vehicle and trolley,it can be used as the the epoxy floor topcoat coating of indoor
parking area,industrial factory building and warehouse etc.which has higher crush resistant and wear resistant requirements.

Performance features:
1.The coating hardness is moderate,with good impact resistance and strong wear resistance.
2.The operating period is long,it has enough construction time.
3.With good adhesive force to epoxy substrates,it will not be separated layer and husk out.
4.The coating has high cohesion strength,with good performance of aging resistant.
5.The sensitivity to the temperature and humidity is low during the construction curing period.

Product packaging photo of BD73 epoxy floor topcoat special wear abrasion resistant coating:


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