coal drop pipe repair special anti impact wear abrasion resistant coating

Performance features of BD7054 coal dropping pipe special abrasion wearing impact resistant coating epoxy compound:
1.Two components,gray paste,can be curing at room temperature,heating for curing can get the better comprehensive performance.

2.With good bonding strength to metal substrates.

3.Can be blade coating,easy to molding,convenient for construction,the coating after curing has excellent performance of high
temperature resistant and aging resistant.

4.With excellent performance of abrasion resistant and impact resistant,the impact resistant performance is 3-5 times more than imported
abrasion wear resistant protective agent.

5.BD7054 coal drop pipe special anti impact abrasion resistant coating is researched and developed by Xiangyang City Hundred Shield
Coating Material Co.,Ltd for many years,not only has wear resistant performance,but also has high impact resistant strength,
can bear the strike scour from particle materials for a long time,this product is exclusive produced by Xiangyang City Hundred Shield
Coating Material Co.,Ltd,the product performance is in the industrial leading level.

Product usage:
BD7054 coal dropping pipe special anti impact abrasion wearing resistant epoxy compound protective coating is the high performance
wear resistant and impact resistant polymeric material which compounded by high performance abrasion resistant aggregate(silicon carbide,carborundum etc.) and the special macromolecule material,match up with hexsteel,used for the erosive wear repairing of the
coal dropping pipe bottom,or the preparation of anti wear abrasion impact resistant coating directly.

Product packaging actual photo of BD7054 coal dropping pipe special impact wear abrasion resistant coating:


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