KM cyclone repair special wear abrasion resistant coating paste epoxy compound

KM cyclone repair special anti wear abrasion resistant coating composite materials

Product description of our KM cyclone repairing anti abrasion wear resistant two part epoxy coatings:
KM cyclone special wear resistant composite material is the Two-component wear resistant polymer composites compounded by modified toughening epoxy resin and modified amine curing agent.
It’s widely used in the repairing of various heavy duty medium wear-out parts and preparation of wear resistant coating on the surface of various machine parts which have wear resistant,
corrosion resistant requirements.Especially suitable for repairing wear scrap cyclone and preparation of wear resistant pre-protecting coating on the inner wall of new cyclone. Can repair for many times,the specification and size of the equipment after
repairing didn’t change.

Packaging specification:
Two-component,20 kg/group, packed in a plastic drum.

Product packaging photo of our KM cyclone anti chemical wear corrosion resistant repair special composite material


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