high bonding strength high temperature resistant rubber metal epoxy compound adhesive

Packaging specification of BD805G high temperature resistant high bonding strength metal rubber epoxy adhesives:

1.Two components,12Kg/group,Packed in a plastic drum,A component: 8Kg/drum, B component: 4Kg/drum.
2.We could offer professional customized packaging and sub-package services based on users’ requirements.

Performance features of BD805G high temperature high strength rubber metal bonding repair ceramic adhesive:
1.It is the Two components adhesive which compounded by modified epoxy resin,special curing agent and various auxiliaries.
2.The curing speed is moderate,the long-term temperature resistant of the curing product is 220 degree
3.With the good adhesion to metal,rubber etc.The adhesive layers after curing has excellent shock impact resistant performance
4.With the good water resistance,oil resistance,high and low temperature resistance and aging resistance.
5.Used in the bonding of mixing rubber,nitrile rubber,neoprene and metal etc.

Product usage:
Used in the self-adhesion and each-adhesion of metal,ceramic,cement,stone,glass,rubber and other materials,especially suitable for the
bonding of strong shock vibration artifacts,especially suitable for the bonding of rubber(mixing rubber,nitrile rubber,neoprene) and
metal under the high temperature working condition.

How to use:
1.Surface treatment:Grinding and roughening treatment for metal surface with angle grinder,coarsen treatment for the rubber surface with
power wire brush.clean it by cleaning agent and dry it by the airing.

2.The preparation of BD805G rubber metal high temperature resistant bonding epoxy adhesive:Make A and B two components mix
uniformly according to the mass ratio A:B=2:1,when the temperature is too low,can make the main agent and curing agent place the
environment temperature of 40 degree to preheat it and stir it uniformly,weigh the weight based on the specified ratio,then mix and
stir it uniformly.

3.Using adhesive: Make the well mixed adhesive be coating on the surface of adherend uniformly,double spread,then fold it,and then
knock on it for one time with the rubber hammer from the middle to all around,avoid appearing air in the middle,before the adhesive
without curing,should make the rubber and metal be compacted.

4.Curing: It will take 4 hours for initial curing at room temperature,then heat it up to the temperature of 80 degree and keep
this temperature for 2 hours,then do the post curing,only in this way,it can obtain the better bonding performance.

Performance index:

BD805 high temperature rubber metal bonding repair adhesive performance index table
Color Physical state Density
Peel strength
Tensile strength
Operation time limit Curing time The highest working temperature
Impact strength
Shear strength
Gray paste 1.21 12 685 1 hour 24 hours -60~220 180 256

This product is general chemicals,should pay attention to waterproof and fire prevention in the process of transportation and storage,
save it in a cool and dry place,the storage period is 12 months.

Construction case photos show:


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