boiler repair special high temperature anti wear abrasion corrosion resistant epoxy ceramic coating

BD306 boiler repair special high temperature wear corrosion resistant coatings

Product description of BD306 high temperature corrosion abrasion resistant bolier use
repair coating:

BD306 high temperature resistant energy conservation coating is compounded by modified inorganic bonding adhesive and modified organic
adhesives with the help of additional agent,use nano ceramics hollow beads,silicon-aluminum fiber,high temperature resistant solution and
various reflecting material as the main raw material,the heat conductivity coefficient is only 0.03W/m.K,the range of temperature resistant
is -60-1200 degree,it can restrain and shield radiant heat of infrared ray and the conduction for quantity of heat.Heat insulation inhibition
efficiency can reach to about 90%,can restrain thermal radiation of high temperature object and heat loss which caused by heat conduction.

Range of application:
The heat insulation and preservation of the equipment unit with the temperature below 1200 degree,energy-saving and cost-reducing,
such as the preservation and heat insulation of combustion chamber,high temperature steam pipeline,high temperature chimney,
hgh temperature chimney flue,high temperature hot gas pipeline,heat ex-changer the field of metallurgy,cement,heat supply,
thermal power generation,garbage power,straw power generation and cement waste heat power generation etc.

Performance index:

Appearance Coating thickness
heat conductivity coefficient Construction temperature Density
The highest working temperature
Gray 0.3-15 0.032W/m.K 15-60 degree 1.05 1200 degree

How to use:
1.The substrate surface treatment: Do the roughening treatment for the pending-repair parts and clean it with cleaning agent.

2.The preparation:Make the A and B two components mix and stir uniformly according to the specified ratio A:B=2:1.

3.Make the BD306 high temperature thermal insulation coating materials be coating on the surface of workpiece within 30 min,if it has
high heat insulation performance requirements,and the heat conductive coating is thick,you can divide it into multi-layer for coating,
you should smear the next layer after the previous layer curing,the thickness of each layer should be controlled within about 0.5mm.

4.Curing:The curing time for 1mm coating thickness is about 1 day,if the equipment is in a hurry to put into using,can use the hot wind with
90 degree temperature to speed up the curing after the coating initial curing.Should control the temperature of hot wind strictly,can not
exceed 100 degree.

Product packaging photo of BD306 boiler repair special high temperature anti wear abrasion
corrosion resistant epoxy ceramic coating


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