anti abrasion wear resistant ceiling ceramic tile bonding epoxy adhesives

The description of BD121 ceiling metal ceramic tile bonding epoxy anti abrasion wear resistant adhesives

performance features of our BD121 anti wear abrasion resistant ceramic tile metal epoxy bonding adhesive:
1.Two component,white daub shape,the highest temperature resistant is 150 degree.

2.With strong initial viscous force,it’s consist of modified heat resistant toughening resin and special curing agent,aging resistant
(can reach more than 8 years),high temperature resistant,good toughness.

3.Can cure at room temperature,can also heat for curing.

4.During constructing on the ceiling and facade,it doesn’t flow and fall off.

product usage of our BD121 ceiling ceramic tile bonding wear abrasion resistant epoxy adhesives:
mainly used in the bonding of wear resistant ceramic tile on the top surface and facade of the equipment.
With strong initial adhesion,it won’t fall off without using magnet or other support measures during construction,
optimizing construction technology and reducing construction cost.

How to use of our bonding metal ceramic tile epoxy anti abrasion wear resistant adhesive:
1. Surface treatment: Clean up the dust,greasy dirt and rust on the surface of adherend,then grind or sand blast treatment,
finally clean it by cleaning agent and dry it by airing.

2.Configure adhesive: According to the specified requirement,make A and B components mix uniformly,the mass ratio A:B=4:1.
When the temperature is low in winter,can preheat the A component up to the temperature of 40-50 degree in advance for easy
to mix using.

3.Using adhesive: Make the configured adhesive be coating on the adherend surface uniformly,then fold it,
knock on it for once from the middle to all around with rubber hammer,avoid the air getting into it.
Double spread will get the better effect,under the premise of no shortage adhesive,the adhesive layers are the thinner the better.

4.Curing: Room temperature initial curing for 4 hours,full curing for 24 hours,when the temperature is low in winter,
can heat it up to the temperature of 80 degree slowly and keep this temperature for 2 hours after placing it for 2 hours.



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