anti abrasion wear corrosion resistant alumina ceramic epoxy coating

BD705 anti abrasion wear corrosion resistant repair compound high alumina ceramic epoxy coatings

The stirring paddle blade wear resistant repairing and abrasion pre-protection:
Abrasion is the big fear of a lot of machinery and equipment,so many industries all want to do their best to avoid,
blender blades after long time using, wear is inevitable,safety and operation quality is difficult to get guarantee.
To this end,finding a good way to avoid abrasion is particularly necessary.
Based on this kind of situation,combined with long-term work,we provide some advice to the manufacturer and using unit.
First of all,the blender blade etc.accessories,before choosing to put into using,suggest to smear a layer of BD705 anti abrasion
corrosion resistant coating in the easy-to-wear place of the blender,especially the blender blade,reduce the degree of abrasion as
far as possible.Prolong the service life of equipment,enhance the equipment safety.
Second, in the process of using,if you found the blade was worn serious,can weld up a skeleton with the stainless steel mesh first,
and then will fill the BD705 wear resistant anti corrosion coating,make the blade recover to the original size,can continue to put into using.

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