slurry pipeline absorption tower rubber liner abrasion corrosion repair epoxy coating

BD7053 anti chemical impact corrosion wear abrasion high temperature resistant epoxy coatings used in Guodian yangzonghai power plant desulfuration absorption tower slurry pipeline ceramic rubber lining repairing and protecting.

Guodian yangzonghai power plant desulfurization system slurry circulating pump pipeline originally used butyl rubber lining pipeline,
it appears large area bulge and shedding phenomenon in the process of using,cause the pipeline corrosion the major
overhaul and replace the new workpiece for the damaged seriously workpiece in Oct.2015,the field fabrication of desulfurization
slurry pipeline anti wear abrasion corrosion resistant coating on the surface of new workpiece,desulfuration pipeline ceramic rubber
lining anti corrosion wear resistant protective coating is made of the BD407 anti corrosion resistant repair compound epoxy coating
and BD7053 desulfurization pipeline special anti abrasion wear resistant protective coating from Xiangyang City Hundred Shield
Coating Material Co.,Ltd.We use desulfuration pipeline combination wear abrasion protective coating to do the repairing for the workpiece
of rubber lining based on not serious damage.

The desulfurization system combination anti wear abrasion resistant repair coating of Xiangyang City Hundred Shield Coating Material
Co.,Ltd is applied to the below power plant since 2010,successively and acquire good application effect: Yuedian Yunfu power plant,
Luoding power plant,The south China sea second electricity,Shenhua countries yuanyang lake power plant,Datang Linfen power plant,
Zhongtou Daban power plant etc.

Should pay special attention to the following details during construction:
1.the surface treatment of the substrates should be clean,dry and rough.

2.The material ratio should be accurate,the ratio which material manufacturer offered is based on the same equivalent reaction,
A component more or less will have free substance which not participate in the reaction,the overall performance of the coating
will decrease.

3.The material should be stired uniformly,non uniform material certainly has some place of not curing well,it will affect the
overall performance of the coating.

4.The material should be used up within specified time limit or before initial curing,already initial curing material can’t be used any more.

5.Should be more careful during coating,make the material be coating uniformly and be compacted,especially pay even more attention
to the corner and summer-planting place.

6.Curing:The curing time under the different temperature is not the same,it should be put into using after the desulfuration pipeline
combination wear abrasion resistant protective coating curing fully,the physical and mechanical properties of not curing fully material is
very low,untimely starting up might be cause the damage for the combination wear abrasion resistant epoxy coating of not curing fully.

7.testing:The project quality of desulfurization system wear abrasion resistant protective coating can’t be judged only by the naked eye,
must test it with the help of a special instruments,we should do the leak repairing construction for the part which has problem by testing,
then test it again until there is no problem.

Construction case photos show:

product description:
The BD7053 desulfurization absorption tower slurry pipeline ceramic rubber lining special anti wear abrasion corrosion resistant coating is
the high performance high temperature resistant, wear & corrosion resistant polymeric ceramic material compounded by high performance
wear resistant,corrosion resistant materials and modified toughening heat resistant resin.It’s the abrasion resistant coating of special using in
desulfurization absorption tower and slurry circulation pipeline.


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