mining industry titanium separation flotation tank coating

Flotation cell epoxy repair compound anti wear abrasion chemical high temperature resistant coating used in mining industry titanium separation whole set flotation equipment repairing and protecting

Panzihua Longmang mining industry titanium separation whole set flotation equipment are both produced by North Mining Institute,
there are  phosphoric acid etc. medium in the agentia in the process of titanium separation,there are abrasion and corrosion in the
process of using cell body,the area of pending-protection part is about 4500m2,we offer 2 sets of scheme earlier stage,
one set is making BD7052 flotation cell special repair compound anti wear corrosion resistant coatings scrape coating for
one time completely,the other set is doing anticorrosion for one time with BD407 corrosion resistant coatings first,
then use BD121 wear resistant ceramic adhesive to paste 3mm thickness abrasion resistant ceramic.
Finally the first party chooses the second scheme.

The construction technology of BD121 wear resistant ceramic adhesives:
1.Clean up the mineral powder,ore pulp in the cell body.

2.Polish and clean the cell body.

3.Configure BD407 corrosion resistant coating and scrape coating on the surface of cell body based on surface treatment uniformly.

4.Configure BD121 abrasion resistant ceramic adhesive,then scrape coating on the surface of the BD407 after initial curing.

5.Make the ceramic adhesive paste on the surface of cell body uniformly,then knock on it to be compacted with rubber hammer.

6.It can be used after curing for 24 hours.

Performance index:

Product  model physical state Standard packing operation time limit
Curing time
Range of application
 BD121  paste 5kg 0.5h 12h Used in the self-adhesion and each-adhesion
between metal and ceramic etc materials.
Especially used in the bonding of wear resistant
ceramic tile on the ceiling and facade of the
equipment which suffers ash powder scour
and material scour or erosive wear.
Item Color Density
Shear strength
Impact strength
Tensile strength
Compressive strength
Working temperature
BD121 wear resistant ceramic adhesives white 1.24 152 56 785 92.3 -60-150

Application photos show:


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