small particle high alumina ceramic epoxy coating wearing compound

BD707 small particle high alumina ceramic epoxy coating wearing compound
used in horizontal centrifuge rubber lining pipeline abrasion corrosion resistant
repairing and protecting

At present,more and more coal washery use horizontal centrifuge,about the reason,it is that horizontal centrifuge uses BD707 small particle
high alumina ceramic beads filling repair epoxy coating wearing compound.According to the information,there are 4 advantages as follow
for the horizontal centrifuge of using the BD707 anti wear abrasion resistant small ceramic bead particle filling repair epoxy coatings.

1.The horizontal centrifuge is sturdy and durable,working lige is longer,failure rate is very low, maintenance quantity is very little,
use rubber spring instead of complex mechanical transmission,rule out the probability of failure,so the failure rate is very low,
the maintenance quantity is very little.

2.The horizontal centrifuge is smooth operation,very little noise,Rubber spring vibration force doesn’t produce mechanical noise,
equipment running smoothly, little noise.

3.The horizontal centrifuge has energy saving effect.Skillfully use of resonance effects, has obvious force multiplication and energy saving effect.
Adjust the amplitude and replace the sieve basket is very convenient.The vibration source of WL series centrifuge are two independent external
vibration motor,maintaining,changing and adjusting the amplitude is very convenient.

4.The horizontal centrifuge modeling is beautiful.The modeling has the concise and graceful characteristics,and fine workmanship,
can be comparable to foreign similar products.

5.The horizontal centrifuge is more cost-effective..Its main parts adopt international famous manufacturers products,machine performance,
quality reached the level of foreign similar products,but the price is much lower than the foreign products,has the very high cost performance.

Range of application for our BD707 small ceramic bead particle filling epoxy anti wear abrasion resistant coating:
Two component,widely used in the repairing of various wear-out part and the preparation of wear resistant protective coating on the surface
of various machine part which has wear & corrosion resistant requirements.such as:the repairing and pre-protecting of pipe,elbow,slurry pump,
pumping sand pump,centrifuge,packing boxes,power plant desulfurization system slurry circulating pump body,impeller,concentric reducer etc.

Product packaging and actual picture shows:

Construction case photos show:


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