anti abrasion wearing resistant ceramic tile bonding repair compound epoxy adhesives

BD121 anti abrasion wearing resistant ceramic tile bonding repair compound epoxy adhesives used in the surface of magnetic separator roller rubber lining pipeline
Alumina ceramic tile,with its excellent wearing abrasion resistant performance in mine,cement,electric power,metallurgy,
mineral processing and other fields has been widely used.The abrasion resistant technology of magnetic separator roller surface
bonding  abrasion wear resistant ceramic tile has been validated and approved by the market.But due to the recent market
competition is intense,make the big price war,cause some manufacturers provide the inferior ceramic tile and adhesive to clients,
lead to appearing problems etc.phenomenon in the process of customers using.Seriously affect the normal operation of enterprises,
have a significant impact to the reputation of the whole industry.
We analyzed some reasons about customer construction failure,hope a large number of customers and friends to pay attention to
these places.Avoid causing unnecessary losses.
1.The ceramic tile thickness is nonuniform, some are 2mm, some are 4mm, so in the process of bonding the ceramic tile,
because it is the whole paste,causing some parts of the ceramic pieces and metal base material can’t fit closely together,
but there is gap in the middle,cause the bonding is not fastness,it’s easy to fall off during using.Even though can be compacted
layer by layer,the result is that roller surface after sticking is rugged,cause nonuniform logistics flow in the process of using,
can’t get good mineral separation effect.
2.the quality problem of the ceramic tile: ceramic tile is short of angle,can’t form a rigorous splice,the missing part was worn out
quickly in the process of using,ceramic tile alumina composition is not up to standard,the problem such as wear resistance is not
enough.cause the working life can’t meet the requirements.
3.The quality of selection ceramic adhesive has a problem,some manufacturers don’t ask the working condition,
recommend the adhesives to the customers directly,and some cheap glue on the market is generally used in the pipes and chute where
suffers from not large impact force,but due to the magnetic separator in the process of working,material falls down from a height
by vertical,suffers from the larger impact force,if the adhesive toughness is not enough,will fall off by shock.
We have several customers in Maanshan,Chengde and Baotou city choose our factory production of the BD121 anti abrasion
wearing resistant ceramic tile bonding repair compound epoxy adhesive to stick ceramic tile to achieve the better using effect.
Then because we don’t have the matched ceramic tile,use the ceramic tile manufacturers matched adhesive to paste the ceramic tile.
The result is that half of the ceramic tile falls off after using less than two months.The adhesive just takes up a small fraction of the cost
Xiangyang City Hundred Shield Coating Material Co.,Ltd solemnly remind the vast friends hereby,in the process of magnetic separator
bonding the ceramic tile,must choose the high quality adhesives,don’t be penny wise and pound foolish,cause the project failure.
Xiangyang City Hundred Shield Coating Material Co.,Ltd focused on anti abrasion wearing resistant ceramic tile bonding repair
epoxy adhesive research & development and production for more than ten years,according to customers’ demands in different
working conditions,according to the working temperature,the adhesive viscosity,stress distribution,the different color requirements,
produces a variety of adhesive,meet customers’ different requirements.
Construction case photos show:

Product packaging actual photo of BD121 wear abrasion resistant ceramic tile repair bonding epoxy adhesive:


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