concentric pipe reducer wearing abrasion resistant compound epoxy coating

BD706 large ceramic bead particle high temperature anti chemical impact corrosion
abrasion wearing resistant compound epoxy coatings used in power plant desulfuration system concentric pipe reducer ceramic rubber lining repairing and protecting.

Most of power plant desulfurization system concentric reducers are steel components,suffer from corrosion and abrasion dual function in
the process of running,lead to shorten the service life greatly,the serious influence on the production run of enterprises.Many units make
a layer of rubber lining on the concentric reducer to prolong the service life of the concentric reducers,but there will still be a lining damage,
can not achieve the ideal effect.One power plant uses Xiangyang City Hundred Shield Coating Material Co.,Ltd recommended maintenance
plan (BD406 anti chemical corrosion resistant repair compound epoxy coating + BD706 large particles ceramic bead filling repair epoxy
compound anti abrasion wear resistant coating),greatly prolong the service life of the concentric reducers.

Repair technology:
At first,clean the pending-repair part,remove the surface residual rubber and rusting,make the pending-repair part reveal the fresh metal substrates,
clean and dry,to achieve the ideal maintenance effects.

According to the mass ratio A:B= 5:1,make the BD406 anti corrosion resistant repair agent epoxy compound mix uniformly,smear it on the
concentric reducer of the pump case,according to the criss cross method,smear it for 2 times,the coatings had better be 0.2-0.5mm thickness.

After the BD406 anti chemical corrosion resistant epoxy compound repair coating has not been cured,make the BD706 large particle wearing
abrasion resistant coatings mix uniformly according to the mass ratio 4:1,make it be coating on the surface of BD406 anti corrosion coatings
layer by layer,every layer should be compacted.

After the BD706 large particles ceramic bead filling repair epoxy compound anti abrasion wear resistant coating complete curing
(for 24 hours at room temperature),then it can be put into using.After the coatings full curing,heat the coatings up to the temperature of
60-80 degree and keep this temperature for 2 hours,it can improve 30% comprehensive performance of repair adhesives.

You can also smear a layer of mixed-up BD406 anti corrosive repair agent on its surface as the topcoat after the BD706 anti abrasion
wear resistant large particle ceramic beads filling repair coating initial curing.The service life of pump case concentric reducer after repairing
will prolong 2-4 times more than original concentric reducer.

Construction case photos:

Product packaging actual photo of BD706 large ceramic beads particle wear abrasion resistant coating:

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