industrial ceramic bonding rubber wear resistant adhesive

BD151N industrial ceramic bonding rubber abrasion resistant epoxy adhesive

Product name:
BD151N bonding rubber type industrial ceramic epoxy wear resistant adhesives

Product description of rubber bonding industrial ceramic epoxy wear resistant adhesives:
We use this product to make the wear resistant corundum ceramic tile insert into special rubber to form the ceramic rubber lining plate,
then use the high strength epoxy adhesive to bond it on the steel plate,it has stronger impact resistant strength.

Range of application:
It is mainly suitable for doing the abrasion wear resistant lining of various industrial equipment and pipeline under the middle-low temperature environment(such as hopper and laying-off tank etc)

Product specification:

Projects Model TCM-J-1 TCM-J-2 TCM-J-3 TCM-J-3N
Ceremic tile size 17.5X17.5X4.5mm 17.5X17.5X6.5mm 20X20X4.5mm 20X20X6.5mm
Lining plate size 250X250X10mm 250X250X12mm
315X210X9.5mm 305X210X12mm
Packing(pcs/ctn) 16 16 15 15

Wear resistant corundum ceramic porcellanic index:
Hardness(HRA)                              ≥ 85
Compressive strength(Mpa)             ≥ 850
Volume Density(g/cm3)                   ≥ 3.5
Wear resistance(g)                          ≤ 0.0005
(P=74N,n=800,t=30 min)

Rubber lining plate technology index:
Tensile strength (Mpa)                                                ≥ 13
Elongation at break (%)                                               ≥ 300
Rate of the permanent deformation (%)                         ≤ 30
Shore-A hardness                                                       60-70
The bonding force between rubber and ceramic (Mpa)    ≥ 3
The adhesion between lining plate and metal (Mpa)         ≥ 2.8

Adhesive technology index:
Appearance:                                 Grey and yellow
Shear strength:
(Curing under water)                      ≥10 Mpa
(Room temperature curing)             ≥15 Mpa
(150 deg C curing)                         ≥16 Mpa

Product photos of BD151N rubber bonding industrial ceramic tile wear abrasion resistant epoxy adhesives:


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