high temperature anti wear industry ceramic tile & adhesive

BD241N high temperature anti wear abrasion resistant industrial ceramic tile + bonding adhesive


Product name:
BD241N with taper hole anti abrasion high temperature resistant welding ceramic tile epoxy bonding adhesives

Product description:
This product is based on the assembly method of using adhesive to bond,one another pressing and inserting of ceramic tile and welding
card mount trebling fixation.As using the trebling fixation method,the ceramic and equipment has become one flesh,even through running
in the high temperature of more than 1000 deg C,the ceramic will not fall off.This method is suitable for the environment of high working

Range of application:
It is widely used in the raw meal grinding feed chute,the discharge chute of clinker silo,entering roll squeezer chute,entering minitype powder
selecting machine chute,the grate cooler to electric dust collector hot wind pipeline,the grate cooler to coal mill hot wind pipeline and whirlwind cylinder etc.

Product specification:

Projects/Models TCM-Z-1 TCM-Z-2 TCM-Z-3 TCM-Z
Ceremic tile size 60X50X0.8mm 60X40X0.8mm 60X30X0.8mm /
Lining plate size 250X250X18mm 250X250X21mm 315X210X18mm 250X250X21mm
Packing(pcs/ctn) 1m2 1m2 1m2 1m2

Wear resistant corundum ceramic porcellanic index:
Hardness(HRA)                              ≥ 85
Compressive strength(Mpa)             ≥ 850
Volume Density(g/cm3)                   ≥ 3.5
Wear resistance(g)                          ≤ 0.0005
(P=74N,n=800,t=30 min)

Rubber lining plate technology index:
Tensile strength (Mpa)                                                   ≥ 13
Elongation at break (%)                                                  ≥ 300
Rate of the permanent deformation (%)                            ≤ 30
Shore-A hardness                                                           60-70
The bonding force between rubber and ceramic (Mpa)       ≥ 3
The adhesion between lining plate and metal (Mpa)             ≥ 2.8

Adhesive technology index:
Appearance:                               Grey and yellow
Shear strength:
(Curing under water)                      ≥10 Mpa
(Room temperature curing)             ≥15 Mpa
(150 deg C curing)                         ≥16 Mpa

Product photo of BD241N high temperature abrasion resistant bonding industrial ceramic tile + bonding adhesive:


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