ceramic lining embedded rubber plate roller use adhesive

ceramic tile embedding rubber plate lining tumbling barrel special bonding adhesive


ceramic tile embeded rubber plate to form ceramic liner for tumbling barrel use main performance features as follow:

The surface of every piece ceramic rubber plate all cast the hundreds of independent small piece ceramic tile into durable rubber plate
with abrasion resistant ceramic tile bonding epoxy adhesive,each piece of ceramic tiles all have raised and concave dome,under the
common conveyer belt pressure,thousands of raised bold dot can generate positive traction to prevent slipping,it prolonged the service
life of conveyer belt tumbling barrel,at the same time,the elasticity of bottom layer rubber can play a good impact resistant role.

Each piece of ceramic rubber plate all has the groove of interval certain distance,it can make the tumbling barrel surface’s foreign matter(dust,impurities and soil etc.) exhaust from the groove,make the tumbling barrel have unique self cleaning function,it is especially
suitable for moist working environment.

The general specifications:
1.The thickness of rubber plate: 15mm, ceramic tile size: 20mm X 20mm X 8mm
2.Can adjust the width according to the customer’s tumbling barrel actual size.

Range of application for ceramic tile bonding rubber plate of tumbling barrel:
1.The belt speed is within 4.5m/s
2.The belt lacings is not suitable for hasp fixation.
3.The temperature for belt conveying material is suitable for not more than 80 deg C.
4.It is applied to transport the clammy materials,applied to the drive tumbling barrel or bend conveyor which the belt often slips and surface rubber coating is not wear resistant.

Ceramic rubber lining coating advantage:
1.Surface ceramic has high abrasion resistance,it is used in belt machine drive tumbling barrel,the ceramic of special structure and special marshalling pattern,and special rubber structure,it increased the frictional coefficient between it and belt,it will prevent the belt slipping.
2.It can redeuce the belt tension under the coequal load,and prolong the belt service life.
3.the abrasion resistance of ceramic,make the service life of drive tumbling barrel be 10 times more than the original roller.
4.It is suitable for high abrasion,easy to slip materials or extreme wicked condition of circumjacent environment moist etc.


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