magnetic separator roller wearing compound ceramic coating

BD132 high temperature anti impact corrosion abrasion wearing resistant epoxy compound ceramic adhesive coatings used in mining use magnetic separator roller rubber liner pipeline repairing and protecting

Mining use magnetic separator roller using aluminum oxide wear resistant ceramic tile as the abrasion protection is a new kind and
domestic initiate of wear resistant material application technology.Because of wear abrasion resistant and non-magnetic features of
abrasion wearing resistant ceramic tile,has the incomparable high performance more than other metal and non-metallic material,
alternative austenitic stainless steel,abrasion resistant rubber,wear resistant non-metallic coating etc.Widely used in iron ore preparation
equipment,especially on the magnetic separator cylinder,the service life is more than 5 times higher than the abrasion resistant rubber,
the cost performance is more than two times higher than the wear resistant rubber.

The key to the abrasion protective technology of mine magnetic separator roller using alumina wear resistant ceramic tile is the choice of
coating adhesives,due to the particularity requirements of working condition,the used adhesive must have the following features

1. Magnetic separation ore dressing can be divided into dry separation and wet separation,the working temperature of dry separation
is general at 100 degrees,the highest temperature is not more than 150 degrees,so we required that the adhesive can withstand the
150 degrees high temperature.Wet separation usually works at room temperature,but it requires the adhesive has excellent
water resistance.

2. Magnetic separator roller is the stainless steel material,the bonding force of the adhesive is usually relatively poor to the stainless
steel,due to the particularity requirements of the working condition,the using adhesives must have very strong bonding force to the
stainless steel.General ceramic adhesives on the market often only pay attention to improving the adhesive shear capacity and ignore
the impact resistant ability,under the material continuously scouring,the adhesive appears the stress fatigue to cause the ceramic tile
falling off,greatly shorten the service life of roller.

Xiangyang City Hundred Shield Coating Material Co.,Ltd devotes itself to the research & development and application of the
engineering adhesives over the years,developed BD132 magnetic separator roller bonding abrasion wearing resistant ceramic tile
epoxy repair adhesives (
anti_wear_ceramic_tile_adhesive_4330.html),suitable for the bonding of magnetic separator roller abrasion resistant ceramic tile.
BD132 wearing resistant ceramic tile bonding epoxy adhesive is made from the toughening modified resin and special curing agent
and other additives.High temperature resistance,good toughness,room temperature curing,the viscosity is moderate,in the process of
the ceiling and facade construction,not flowing,doesn’t fall off.(note: the temperature of construction in winter is low,
should heat it up for curing)

At first,do the polishing,sand blasting and roughening treatment on the magnetic separator roller,to improve the bonding force.

Then wipe the bonding surface with solvent such as acetone or ethyl acetate etc,and dry it by airing for about 10 minutes,
make the bonding surface be dry and clean.

According to the specified ratio(A:B (mass ratio)=4:1),make the two components of the adhesives mix uniformly,then smear it on
the bonding surface,on the premise of ensuring no shortage of adhesives,the coatings are the thinner the better,had better smear the
double-sided adhesives.Make the ceramic chip after smearing the adhesives be folded and compacted with barrel.

It can be production after the adhesive curing for 24 hours,If you can heat it up to the temperature of 60 degree and keep this
temperature for 2 hours,then do the post curing,can get the higher comprehensive performance (can improve 30%).Every time
the quantity of configuring adhesive should not be too much,and the mixed-up adhesive should be used up before the coating time limit,
in order to avoid causing waste.

Through many mines using examination,without appearing the phenomenon of ceramic tile falling off.

Range of application for BD132 abrasion resistant ceramic tile bonding repair magnetic separator roller epoxy adhesive:
Used in the self-adhesion and each-adhesion between metal,ceramic and other materials.Especially used in the paste of wearing
abrasion resistant ceramic tile on the surface of dry separation,wet separation and magnetic separator roller.

Construction case photos show:


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