crusher ceramic liner plate backing epoxy compound adhesive

Cone crusher ceramic rubber lining plate backing filling anti abrasion wearing resistant repair adhesive epoxy compound new application technology
For the insufficient of high temperature zinc alloy pouring and room temperature high quality cement mortar pouring,after careful analysis and research,
do the reform and innovation boldly,in view of the simple,safe,environmental protection,the filling strength and hardness are moderate,it’s easy to
flow during pouring,easy to tear down etc.features,explore a new path to instead of high temperature zinc alloy and room temperature high grade
cement mortar as the cone crusher liner plate filler–room temperature epoxy resin filling material (backing filling adhesive epoxy compound).
The good results have been obtained since we used the new filling technology.
Mainly embodied in the following aspects:
1.simple operation:It only needs to clean up the rusting,greasy dirt and dust of the bonding body contacting surface for using epoxy resin
pouring technology.For (no solvent) E – 51 epoxy resin,low molecular polyamide 650 resin and other chemicals,add and stir it according to
certain proportion and adding order,you can pour it into the pouring hole directly after stirring uniformly,it can be put into use after freezing
for 24 hours.This operation has no specific temperature limits,can operate at any time.
2.There is no excitant gas overflowing for the chemical raw materials of zero risk factor,zero pollution epoxy resin pouring technology using in
the process of mixing and stirring,put an end to emmit the toxic gas based on high temperature heating zinc alloy into the atmosphere or produce
the dust from stirring high grade cement,safe and environmental protection.
3.The cost reduction, (without solvent) E-51 epoxy resin and low molecular polyamide 650 resin etc.are common chemicals on the market,
the price is low.At the same time,there is no longer needing to heat etc.operation treatment in the process of filling technology,can save the coke
and electricity resources, reduce the cost greatly.
4.It’s easy to tear down.When you replace old lining plate operations,just need to make the replaced lining plate cut down with gas welding,
waste resin will fall off into pieces naturally based on heating,will no longer appear the problem of difficult tearing down caused by bonding
or surface rough.
5.the labor intensity is reduced,and the filling efficiency is improved.It only needs 1 or 2 workers for using the epoxy resin pouring technology to
do the operation,it both saves time and labour,and convenient and fast.It only takes us 1 hour from stirring to complete pouring.
Satisfy the filler technology performance,at the same time,the labor intensity have been effectively reduced.
6.The pouring quality is high,the most obvious effect of using new technology is to improve the quality of spare parts assembly,the outline is clear,
surface precision is high.Because it is at room temperature in casting, solidification, blowhole defects decrease,the pouring quality is improved greatly.
Crushing system usually adopts the flow process production line,when one of the equipment is forced to shut down due to damage,
the whole crushing system will stop normal running.Crusher worked as the main equipment of the crushing system,the time of changing the
activities cone or adjusting ring is long,crusher new type filler will reduce the maintenance workload for the enterprise,reduce the labor intensity
of workers,can also bring very considerable economic benefits,it has great significance in terms of energy conservation and emissions reduction
and improving the safety performance.
Along with the technical development,cone crusher liner plate filling material has been gradually replaced by all kinds of high polymer backing adhesives,
and has got approval of the vast majority of consumer,the BD65 and BD66 crusher special backing adhesives(crusher lining plate filling adhesive)
of Xiangyang City Hundred Shield Coating Material Co.,Ltd developing and producing,used for crusher,between the liner plate and matrix,
gravel barrels and jacket clearance,filling/supporting between cone and protective layer space,at the same time,it can be used as the buffer materials
when the equipment suffers the impact or load vibration from broken ore.Also used in the structure reinforcing and shock resistant vibration of
ball mill abrasion wear resistant lining plate and cylinder clearance.
Before curing:with good liquidity,the filling ability is strong,the operation is simple,safe and environmental protection.
After curing: shrinkage rate is low,with good adhesion and high bearing capacity,can tear down.

The performance index of BD65 cone crusher rubber lining plate backing filling repair wearing resistant compound:
modified epoxy material,two component
Color: A component: gray, B component: brown
Viscosity: A component: 40000, B component: 250±50mPa.s(GB/T2791-1995)
Density: A component: 1.6, B component: 1.01g/cm3 (GB/T13354-1992)
Compressive strength after curing: 120 Mpa (GB/T2791-1995)
Shear strength after curing: 12.3 Mpa (GB/T7124-1996)
Hardness after curing: Shore D85 (GB/T2144-1980)
Shrinkage ratio after curing: 0.01%
Cooperation ratio(A : B): weight ratio 8:1,volume ratio  5:1
Pot life: 15 min, the shortest curing time before operation:12h
Operation temperature: 5℃-30℃
The temperature resistant after curing: -50℃-170 ℃.

Product packaging actual photo of BD65 crusher wear abrasion resistant repair backing filling compound epoxy adhesive:

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