coal fired boiler powder feeding pipe anti wearing compound

BD181 anti chemical corrosion impact abrasion wearing resistant compound epoxy coating ceramic tile adhesive used in coal fired plant coal burning boiler powder feeding pipeline rubber ceramic lining repairing and protecting

One power plant coal-fired boiler burns hundreds of tons coal every day,but due to burning the inferior coal,transporting coal abrasion is very serious.
Pulverized coal boiler powder feeding pipeline,elbow wear is particularly serious,choosing Xiangyang City Hundred Shield Coating Material Co.,Ltd
produced BD181 high temperature abrasion wearing resistant repair compound epoxy coating ceramic adhesives,make the wear abrasion resistant
ceramic tile be bonding on the pipeline inner wall to do the protection,it gets good effect.

The first,do the polishing,sand-blasting and roughening treatment on the pulverized coal boiler powder feeding pipeline.

Then wipe the bonding surface with solvent such as acetone or ethyl acetate etc,and dry it by airing for about 10 minutes,make the bonding surface
be dry and clean.

According to the specified ratio,make the two components of the BD181 wearing abrasion resistant bonding repair epoxy compound
ceramic tile adhesives mix uniformly,then smear it on the bonding surface,on the premise of ensuring no shortage of adhesives,the coatings are
the thinner the better,had better smear the double-sided adhesives.Make the ceramic chip after smearing the adhesives be folded and compacted
with barrel,(the BD181 is the made-to-order ceiling type bonding repair ceramic tile epoxy adhesive,doesn’t flow on the top surface and facade,
the initial viscous force is strong,with good positioning effect)

It can be put into production after the adhesives curing for 24 hours.

After protecting,it has been used for 3 years,without appearing the phenomenon of ceramic chip falling off,conform to the production requirements.

Range of application for BD181 anti wear abrasion high temperature resistant ceramic tile bonding repair adhesive:
With very high bonding force to steel,cement,ceramic,aluminum alloy,stainless steel etc various material,especially suitable for the bonding of
wearing abrasion resistant ceramic tile on the equipment ceiling and facade under the temperature of 200 degree working condition.

Product packaging actual photo of BD181 high temperature abrasion wearing resistant compound ceramic tile epoxy adhesives:


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