slurry cyclone repair wearing resistant compound coating

BD709 high temperature anti chemical corrosion abrasion wear impact resistant epoxy compound ceramic coatings used in desulfuration system equipment slurry cyclone rubber lining pipeline repairing and protecting

Hydrocyclone,the equipment of separating rough or fine particle material in the slurry,serious erosive wear,combined protective coating materials
choose the BD426 high temperature epoxy repair compound anti chemical corrosion resistant coatings and BD709 high temperature anti chemical wearing
abrasion impact resistant coating (or BD7044 desulfurization system equipment repairing special anti abrasion wear corrosion resistant coating,BD7042
desulfuration slurry pipeline corrosion wear abrasion repair epoxy coating).

Range of application for BD709 high temperature wearing abrasion impact resistant epoxy coatings:
Used in the wear repairing of equipment overflowing parts and the preparation of impact resistant,abrasion wear resistant coatings on the whole equipment
overflowing parts,exclusively used in the surface wear repairing of magnetic separator roller or the preparation of wearing abrasion resistant,impact
resistant coatings on the roller surface directly,exclusively used in repairing chute,centrifuge and ball mill end cover.

Product packaging actual picture of BD709 high temperature anti impact abrasion wearing resistant compound coating:

Construction case photos show:


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