material delivery pipeline repair wearing compound coating

BD226 anti chemical abrasion wear resistant industrial metal repair agent epoxy compound used in material delivery equipment pipeline ceramic rubber lining repairing and protecting

In the process of factories producing,the application of material delivery equipment which is similar to conveyor belt is very general,especially for the
heavy industry and building material industry,it is particularly important,such as the production of ceramic tile,glass etc.These material delivery equipment is
easy to appear various problems because of transportation material too hard,spiculate corner angle in the long-term high temperature environment,not only
affect production,but also leave serious potential safety hazard,when some friends are faced with these problems,their manifestation is very helplessness,
it will take some time to reload the new material delivery equipment,the cost is also high,what’s more is that they don’t know when that material delivery
equipment will appear problems,when it has problems,and go to purchase the new material delivery equipment,it will take them too much time and affect
the production.

You can solve this problem through using BD226 anti abrasion wear resistant epoxy compound metal rubber repair agent which produced by Xiangyang City
Hundred Shield Coating Material Co.,Ltd.It has good wear abrasion resistance and corrosion resistance,its main component is the high performance
titanium alloy,the abrasion wear resistance is 2-3 times more than common metal.

How to use of our BD226 abrasion wear chemical resistant metal rubber repair compound:
1.Remove the looseness matter of substrates surface,polishing it through the way of sand blasting,electric grinding wheel,wire brush or raw emery
paper etc.Improve the roughness of repairing surface,scrub it with acetone cleaning agent,to clean the bonding surface.

2.Make the well mixed wearing resistant compound repair agent smear on the substrates surface of passing treatment,should put forth effort uniformly
during smearing press it repeatedly,ensure the fully contacting between the material and substrates surface,in order to achieve the best results.
When needing to smear the adhesive for many layers,need smearing it after doing the treatment for the original smear adhesive surface.

3.When the temperature is below 25 degree,can properly prolong the curing time,when the temperature is below 15 degree,should heat it up with the
proper heat source (infrared ray and electric furnace etc.),but can not contact with the repairing part directly during heating,the correct operation is that
the heat source is more than 40cm distance from the repairing surface,heat it up to the temperature of 60-80 degree and keep this temperature for 3-4 hours.



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