sand pump wear abrasion corrosion resistant repair coating

anti wear abrasion corrosion resistant epoxy ceramic coating used in sand pump guard plate and rubber lining repairing and protecting

sand pump anti wear abrasion corrosion resistant repair coating application case

The working environment of sand pump is very hostile,it is mainly used in metallurgy,mine,electric power,chemical industry,environmental protection,
rivers dredging,pumping sand,municipal engineering,dredge in the inland river channel,create soil in the coastal diking,coal mine,mine and
power plant etc. enterprises transport including solid particle sizing agent etc.The concentration of transmission medium can reach to more than 40%,
medium particles can reach to more than 50mm,so after using the sand pump for a period of time,its frequently-used overflowing parts:impeller,guard
plate and pump casing are serious abrasion for a long time,it affects its normal using,it often needs to change,the accessories working life is different
for the different materials pumps,common materials pumps may change an impeller for 3-5 days,and most of sand pump accessories can’t be universal,
buy a new abrasion resistant sand pump again,the cost is very expensive,it is not convenient to change the accessories,it is very easy to use the wear
resistant coating material to repair it,it can both save money and time to repair it in its home position.

During Yangtze River Basin dredging sediment ship working,sand pump is used as the core components of dredging sediment ship,it suffers serious
erosive wear from grit,although the sand pump manufacturers use the hard nickel,high chrome etc. abrasion resistant material,the working life is
prolonged,it will still appear wear through phenomenon in the process of using,for the users,these wear through parts can only be scrapping.

The anti wear abrasion resistant coating of Xiangyang Hundred Shield can effectively repair these abrasive parts and put them into using again,the service
life of repairing parts can reach to 3-6 times of the substrates(BD707 wear resistant coating can reach to more than 3 times of the substrates,BD7045
heavy medium abrasion resistant coating can reach to more than 6 times of the substrates.In the process of using the sand pump after repairing,
if other parts of the substrates appear abrasion again, we can still do the repairing with the wear abrasion resistant coating(the parts after repairing
can’t be wear through within 3-6 periods),move back and forth like this,the working life of sand pumps will be prolonged for several times,the economic
benefit is quite respectable,in order to prolonging the service time of maintaining for a time,the customer not only can stuff up wear through the holes,
but also spread coating a layer of (4mm-8mm) wear resistant coating on the whole inner wall of sand pump to do the protecting during maintain.

How to use:

1.Surface treatment: Do coarsening treatment on the pending-repair part,grinding with angle grinder or sand blasting etc,the surface after coarsening
treatment should be cleaned,the surface after this treatment should be the one coarsening,dry and fresh substrates,should be no greasy dirt and dust.

2.Make the BD4261 special prime coat of BD7045 wear resistant coating mix uniformly according to the specified weight ratio,then bursh coating on
the surface of metal substrates.

3.Preparation:Make the A and B two components of BD7045 abrasion resistant repair coating material mix uniformly based on the specified mixing ratio,
and use it up within 30 min,generally it is while construction and preparation,every time the largest preparation quantity can’t be more than 4Kg,too much
adhesive is solidified too fast,hasn’t been used up until the adhesive has partial solidified and can’t be used.When the temperature is low,can properly heat
up the A component to reduce the viscosity for easy to configure.

4.Coating: Before the BD4261 prime coat curing,make the well mixed material be coating on the pending-repair parts layer by layer,the coating should
be compacted,the suitable coating thickness of BD7045 is 4-10mm,the most coating thickness can be 30mm,the surface layer should be repaired to
be smooth after the coating is coated in the suitable size,this material can not do machining,should pay attention to controlling the coating thickness,
in order to avoiding appearing interference phenomenon during assembly.

5.Curing:It can put into using after curing for 24 hours at the temperature of 25 deg C(if you could heat it up to the temperature of 60-80 deg C and
keep this temperature for 2 hours,only in this way,it can improve 30% comprehensive performance).If the temperature is below 5 deg C,should heat it
up or prolong curing time to promote the curing,general construction in winter,can use the iodine tungsten lamp to do the irradiation heating with the
40cm distance from the coating

The effect after repairing:


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