absorption tower special anti chemical corrosion wear abrasion resistant ceramic epoxy coatings

The preparation of anti wear abrasion resistant protection coating:

Before wear abrasion resistant protective coating construction,we should confirm that the previous used anti corrosion protective coating has already
been complete curing,should pay attention to doing the protection for already cured corrosion resistant protective coating during the wear resistant

protection coating construction,must not let the corrosion resistant coating appear damage phenomenon,the constructors could pave soft nature
protective material on the already cured corrosion resistant protective coating to do the protection,and the construction action should be tenderness.

First:The preparation of BD7053 high performance ceramic composite coating material is based on the mixing weight ratio A:B=4:1,and stir it uniformly,
notice:every time the largest preparation quantity should be 5 to 10Kg,and use it up within 30 min.

Second:Make the well mixed BD7053 ceramic composite coating material be blade coating on the surface which has already finished anti corrosion
protective coating layer by layer uniformly.We should ensure coating material surface be smooth during construction,and make sure the internal dense
and jointing part fastness.

Third:The curing of anti wear abrasion resistant protective coating,according to the different temperature,we should place it for 12-24 hours to do the curing.

Fourth:Brush coating the topcoat:brush coating the topcoat on the surface of anti wear abrasion resistant protective coating after curing,it can close the
interspace of abrasion wear resistant coating surface based on the actual condition.

Should pay attention to the below details during construction:
1.Substrates surface treatment should be clean,dry and rough

2.The mixing ratio of materials should be accurate

3.The materials should be stirred uniformly,non-uniform materials will certainly have some parts without good curing,it will affect the coating whole

4.The materials should be used up within the specified operation time limit or before initial curing,the material which has already been initial curing can’t be
used any more.

5.The spread coating should be careful,the material should be spread coating uniformly and compacted,we should pay more attention to especially the
corner and jointing part.

6.The construction principle of composite coating is that spread coating the next layer before the upper layer has no complete curing,make the coating
form the whole.

7.Curing:the curing time is different under the different temperature,we should put it into using after the composite protective coating material complete curing.

8.Detection:The quality of desulfurization system protective coating project can not judge only by the naked eyes,we should be sure that inspect it through
special instruments,for the part of the problem by detection,we should do the leak repairing construction,and test it again until there is no problem.


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