Suspension Bridge Main Cable Skid Resistant Coatings

BD70 suspension bridge main cable anti wear abrasion skid resistant epoxy ceramic coating:

Performance features:
1.Two component room temperature curing macro-molecule coating
2.With fast curing speed and high bonding strength,the cured products have a good wear resistance and low temperature resistance
3.The bonding scope is wide,with a good adhesion to rubber,leather,metal and cement etc.
4.The coating has a high cohesion strength,with a good aging resistance and fire resistance)
5.With a good manufacture-ability,convenient for using

Product usage:
Mainly used in the mat formation of side walk skid resistant coating indoor and outdoor.Especially used in the preparation of suspension bridge main cable skid resistant coating

How to use:
1.Put the adhesive tape paste into the around of pending-construction part,in order to protecting the non-needing construction part from polluting by the coating
2.Clean the pending-bonding surface,clean up the oil stains,dust and other impurities with toluene or xylene,then dry it.
3.According to the ratio A:B=5:1,make the B pour into the A,it can be used after mixing and stirring uniformly,the usable time is 15 min.
This adhesive can do brush coating or roller coating,brush coating for 2 times,the interval for each time brush coating is 0.5 to 1 hour.15 min later after the second brush coating,sprinkle a thin layer of abrasive particles,then brush the topcoat once again,room temperature curing for 24 hours.The curing time should prolong for 48 hours under the temperature of 0~10℃.
4.Configure the topcoat according to the below ratio: this product(BD70) : acetic ester=1:3,stir it uniformly.
5.Remove the paste adhesive tape and finish the construction.

physical index:

BD70 Cable Skid Resistant Coating Data Performance table
Appearance(visual inspection) Viscosity(Pa·s,25℃) GB/T2794-1995 Density (20℃  g/cm3 )   GB1033-1986 Surface drying Time(min)GB/7123-1986 weathering resistance(UV irradiation for 7 days)
 Working temperature(℃) Shore A HardnessGB/10807-1989
Uniform viscous liquid, without impurities 2.0±0.6     1.18 30~50  without changing -60~90  60


BD70 Performance table
Tensile strength  MPa
Elongation %
Tearing strength  kN/m
GB 529
Peeling strength(N/2.5cm)
29.1 520  23.4  136.6

Product Specification:
This product is based on 10 Kg packing,also can pack it according to customers’ requirements.

1.Make the main agent A and curing agent B weigh according to the specified proportion,make sure it mix and stir uniformly.
2.Please use it in time after configuring adhesives,in order to avoid causing waste based on the adhesive changing thick.
3.acetic ether is the diluting agent of this product
4.The coating without curing is afraid of water,try your best to avoid outdoor construction in the rainy day
5.Forbid walking on the skid resistant coating without complete curing

This product is general chemicals,in the process of transportation and storage,should pay attention to water proof and fire prevention,stored in a cool and dry place,the storage period is 1 year.

Construction protective measures:
1.Wear the protective masks,wear the protective glasses and rubber gloves
2.Need washing hands with soap before eating,drinking or smoking.
3.The health hazard after touching: a few people will have skin allergy phenomenon,see a doctor in time and avoid touching with this product again.should wipe it with ethyl acetate when the sizing material paste on the skin by careless,then wash it with clear water.Should wash it with clear water immediately and see a doctor when splashing into the eyes by careless.

Warm Prompt:
Residual adhesive solution cured products are non-toxic harmless organic solid,but maybe it will produce poisonous gas when burning,non-professional personnel can not do combustion disposal,should be sent to garbage power plant or garbage burning place treatment.

fire prevention measures:
Should choose dry powder to extinguish fire when toluene, xylene, ethyl acetate catching fire,can cover and flap it with dry powder,grit(the construction using abrasive) or the non chemical fiber fabric when the sizing material catching fire.

Product packaging photo of BD70 suspension bridge main cable special anti abrasion wear skid resistant coating:

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