high temperature anti chemical corrosion compound coating

BD427 high temperature anti chemical corrosion resistant repair compound epoxy ceramic coatings


Product description:
BD427 high temperature anti corrosion chemical resistant cermaic coating compounded by various high performance
corrosion resistant material and modified toughening heat resistant resin to give rise to the copolymerization,to form
the interpenetrating network structure and generate the synergistic effect.In this way,it effectively improves the corrosion
resistance of polymers.

Product usage of our BD427 anti corrosion chemical high temperature resistant coating:
It can be preparation of anti chemical corrosion resistant epoxy coatings on the surface of machine parts of suffering from
corrosion under the temperature of 200 degree after using it together with our own composite high temperature resistant
curing agent or used as the undercoat and topcoat of BD428 high temperature flakes anti corrosion chemical resistant coating.
This product doesn’t contain any organic solvent,the curing product has no the micro pores,it can effectively avoid medium
immersing through solvent evaporation pores and causing under-film corrosion.

Performance index:

Product name physical state Standard packing volume
Operation time limit
Can put into using time
BD427 high temperature chemical corrosion resistant repair coating Semi-fluid 10kg plastic drum or 20kg iron drum 900 or 1800 30min 24h
Color Density
Compressive strength
Tensile strength
Shear strength
Bending strength
(Shore D)
Working temperature
Gray/blue 1.11 816 347 232 530 82 -60~200

How to use:
1.Surface treatment:
Rust cleaning and coarsening treatment on the pending-repair area,then clean it with cleaning agent and dry it by airing,
the bonding surface after this treatment should be coarse,clean and dry.

2.The preparation of high temperature anti corrosion chemical resistant repair compound ceramic coating:
According to the mass ratio A:B=4:1,make A and B two component mix uniformly,every time it’s not suitable to mix too large
quantity,to ensure the mixing adhesive can be used up within specified operation time limit every time

According to the criss cross method,make the mixed-up material be coating on the pending-repair area,the thickness of adhesive
layer had better be 0.2-0.5mm.The adhesive layer should be compacted,make it fully infiltrates with the substrates.For large area
protection,can brush coating for 2~3 times according to the actual condition.

It can be put into using after curing for 24 hours at the temperature of 25-30 degree,when the temperature is below 15 degree,
the curing is not complete,should heat it up(bake it with iodine tungsten lamp or heat it with hair dryer etc.) to the temperature
of 60-80 degree and keep this temperature for 2 hours to promote the adhesive layers full curing.

Packing specification:
1.Our common packaging:Two-component,10Kg/group,packed in a plastic drum, A component: 8Kg/drum,
B component: 2Kg/drum or 20Kg/group,packed in a iron drum, A component: 16Kg/drum, B component: 4Kg/drum.
2.We could offer you professional customized packaging and subpackage services based on users’ requirements.

Transportation storage:
Sealed storage in the cool and dry place.The warranty period is 12 months.Avoid placing it upside down,knocking against and
transporting it as a non-dangerous product during transportation.

Special version:
1.This parameter is for laboratory conditions,due to the actual working condition is more complex,suggest the users to do the
pretest according to actual working condition.

2.When the environment temperature is below 15 degree,the curing time will prolong,should take proper heating measure.

3.When the environment temperature is more than 25 degree or the mixing quantity is too large,the curing speed will expedite,
should properly shorten the application time of coating after mixing.

Construction protective measures:
1.Wear the protective masks,wear the protective glasses and rubber gloves
2.Need washing hands with soap before eating,drinking or smoking.
3.The health hazard after touching: a few people will have skin allergy phenomenon,see a doctor in time and avoid touching with
this product again.should wipe it with ethyl acetate when the sizing material paste on the skin by careless,then wash it with clear water.
Should wash it with clear water immediately and see a doctor when splashing into the eyes by careless.

Warm Prompt:
Residual adhesive solution cured products are non-toxic harmless organic solid,but maybe it will produce poisonous gas when
burning,non-professional personnel can not do combustion disposal,should be sent to garbage power plant or garbage burning
place treatment.

Fire prevention measures:
Should choose dry powder to extinguish fire,can cover and flap it with dry powder,grit(the construction using abrasive)
or the non chemical fiber fabric when the sizing material catching fire.

Product packaging actual photo of BD427 high temperature anti chemical corrosion resistant coating:

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