ball mill end cover wear abrasion resistant repair coating

BD709 ball mill end cover anti impact wear abrasion resistant repair epoxy ceramic coatings

Product usage of our BD709 ball mill end caps wear abrasion impact resistant epoxy compound coating:
BD709 ball mill end cover anti wear abrasion impact resistant protective coating is the high performance wear & impact resistant polymerization material compounded by high performance
wear resistant aggregate(silicon carbide,alumina,carborundum etc.) and special high polymer material.
It can be blade coating,with good water resistance and high bonding strength,excellent in wear & impact resistance.
Used in the wear repairing of equipment overflowing parts and the preparation of impact & wear resistant coatings on
the whole equipment overflowing parts,exclusively used in the surface wear repairing of magnetic separator roller or
the preparation of wear & impact resistant coatings on the roller surface directly,exclusively used in repairing chute,
centrifuge and ball mill end cover.

Performance feature:
1.Two component,black daub shape,can cure at room temperature,heat for curing can get better comprehensive properties.

2.Excellent in wear & corrosion & impact resistance,the wear resistance is 5 times more than PU rubber,
20 to 30 times more than common mixing rubber,the impact resistance is 10 to 15 times more than imported wear resistant
protective agent.

3.Can single use,with the better bonding strength to metal substrate through using it together with primer.

4.Can do blade coating,easily forming,construction is convenient,can achieve seamless coverage of equipment
overflowing parts.

5.Suitable for the partial repairing and whole protecting of the equipment under the working condition of higher
wear & impact resistant requirements.

Product packaging actual photo of BD709 ball mill end cap repair use anti impact abrasion wear resistant coating:


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