boiler repair high temperature anti wear corrosion resistant ceramic coating

BD766N boiler repair special high temperature anti chemical abrasion corrosion resistant coating

Product description:
Two components,fine ceramic particle,room temperature curing,wear abrasion resistant,it can resist the temperature of 1200 degree,
the highest temperature resistant can reach to 1400 degree.It is used in the repairing and pre-protecting of high temperature equipment
corrosion and erosive wear,such as the repairing and pre-protecting of boiler water cooled furnace wall,boiler gas flue,and dust pelletizing
system high temperature components corrosion resistant and erosive wear.

Performance features:
1.BD766N high temperature wear abrasion resistant coating is based on the many years’R & D and production experience from
Xiangyang City Hundred Shield Coating Material Co.,Ltd in the field of inorganic high temperature resistant adhesives,take advantage of
the wear abrasion resistant coating which produced by inorganic materials,break through the temperature limit of organic coating.

2.With excellent performance of wear resistant and corrosion resistant,with high bonding strength to metal substrates.

3.The product after curing has water resistance.

4.The material can be brush coating,can also be spray coating,the construction is convenient.

5.The curing speed is slow,crystal grain size is small,do not cracking.

6.It can blade coating for both facade and ceiling,don’t flow and slip,without needing support.

Product packaging photo of BD766N boiler special repairing high temperature wear corrosion resistant ceramic coating:


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