high temperature anti chemical impact corrosion abrasion wearing resistant coating epoxy putty compound used in repairing and protecting mining use flotation tank body

BD7052 high temperature anti chemical impact corrosion abrasion wearing resistant coating epoxy putty compound used in repairing and protecting mining use flotation tank/cell body.

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Select flotation is the main part of mineral processing system,flotation tank body often appears perforation phenomenon and lead to stopping
production based on suffering erosive wear and corrosion from ore pulp and medicament for a long time.

In January 2016,during the heavy repairing of Jiangtong Dongxiang copper mine,they decide to do the corrosion resistant,abrasion resistant treatment
for the flotation cell/tank body,they choose the BD7052 flotation tank repairing special wearing abrasion resistant protective coating material from
Xiangyang City Hundred Shield Coating Material Co.,Ltd,the quantity is 1.4 tons.

BD7052 flotation cell repair special abrasion wear resistant coating has excellent bonding force/strength to metal substrates,with good performance of
wear resistant and corrosion resistant,can completely satisfy corrosion and erosive wear working condition of flotation tank body,the 5mm thickness
coating can ensure the flotation cell/tank body to be safe operation for 3-5 years,

Clean up the tailing pulp from flotation tank body,and keep the tank body be clean and dry(the underside of flotation rotor should also be cleaned),
polishing with angle grinder or sand blasting,the surface after the coarsening treatment should be cleaned by industrial alcohol or ethyl acetate etc and
dry it by airing,the surface after this treatment should be the one coarse,dry and fresh metal substrates.

Due to the low temperature construction inconvenience,the construction period of heavy repairing is tight,the equipment whole heating conditions are
not allowed,use the way of material whole heating,use the tarpaulin to surround into a tent shape,put the pending-use BD7052 flotation cell repairing
special anti wear abrasion resistant coating and a set of 3KW fan heater into the well-surrounded tent together with a set of 1KW electric furnace,
wait for the temperature rising to 50-60 degree,you could configure adhesive and get materials according to the schedule during construction,
stir it uniformly with electric blender,smear it onto the needing-protection parts.

Construction case photos of our BD7052 flotation cell abrasion wearing resistant repair coating epoxy putty compound:

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