high temperature anti chemical abrasion wear resistant coating ceramic epoxy repair putty compound used in repairing and protecting mining use slurry pump overflowing part rubber lining

High temperature anti chemical abrasion wear resistant coating ceramic epoxy repair putty compound used in repairing and protecting mining use slurry pump overflowing part rubber lining.

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One of companies ash disposal system,the pumps which used for ash flushing & slag-flushing water system and high concentrations of
mortar/grout conveying system are both centrifugal slurry pump,but because the mortar/grout of 4 sets unit comes together into one
concentrated tank,the mortar/grout after concentrating passed one slurry pump unit(3 sets of same type slurry pump is tandem) and
transported to ash yard,as the change of coal markets,the quality of the coal which current power plant used is reducing drastically,
the ash content is too large,sometimes the cement-water ratio concentration of  high concentrations of mortar/grout which slurry pump
transported reach to about 1:2,the normal time is also about 1:2.5 to 1:3,the concentration of mortar/grout is large,cause the overflowing
part of slurry pump serious abrasion and corrosion,at the same time make the pump inner circulation area increase,enlarge the volume loss,
it will exacerbate noise and vibration,reduce the working performance and efficiency of slurry pump.cause the surface of overflowing part
to appear faveolate pot hole,it will wear through the overflowing part during serious,result in the mortar/grout out-leakage,pollute the
environment,cause the electrical machine supercurrent phenomenon,general operational cycle of the slurry pump of transporting high
concentrations of mortar/grout is about 4 months,then you should change a set of overflowing part,so the material cost is high,
and the maintenance quantity is large.

According to the abrasion condition of pump parts,we will recommend the BD707 small particle ceramic beads filled anti wear abrasion resistant
coating to the customers for repairing,its main components are fine ceramic bead particle and curing agent etc.The detailed construction technology
as follow for your reference:

1.Cleaning up the surface of slurry pump overflowing parts,remove the ash fouling and burr etc.sundries of the surface of the overflowing parts with
sand-blasting machine or grinding wheel.

2.Clean the pending-repair parts with acetone or ethyl acetate,and dry it by the airing.

3.Smear the anti wear abrasion resistant coating:Make the BD707 fine ceramic beads filling particle abrasion wear resistant coating stir uniformly fully,
make the epoxy repair putty compound be coating on the surface of overflowing parts uniformly,especially for the pot hole parts,it should be compacted,
then scrape the repairing surface to be flat and smooth with scraper blade,at the same time,control the repairing thickness to be within the thickness range
of original slurry pump spare part,curing for 24 hours.

Based on the repairing analysis of the slurry pump from this company,the slurry pump model is 4/3E-HH,the manufacturer is Shijiazhuang Industrial
Water Pump Factory,the rate of flow is 120m3/hour,the lift head is 50m,the power is 75KW,through running for about 6 months,through inspecting
the abrasion loss/quantity of pump front guard plate,it is mainly the condition before pumps repairing,at the same time,the partial surface of front guard
plate still has the epoxy repair putty compound.It explains that the abrasion parts after repairing can reach to the usage period of new spare part completely.
(the operational cycle of slurry pump new spare part is about 5 months).

The costs of buying slurry pump spare part:Front guard plate is 4500RMB,back guard plate is 3900RMB,guard jacket is 7800RMB,stuffing box is
2600RMB,but a set of epoxy repair putty compound is only 1200RMB,it can repair a front guard plate,back guard plate and stuffing box or repair
a guard jacket and front guard plate(or back guard plate),in this way,a set of Baidun brand epoxy repair putty compound can save about 5000RMB
for your company,the overhaul period(5 months) of normal a set of slurry pump(3 sets of slurry pumps tandem) needs to change 2 sets of pump
spare part at least,in this way,it can save the 23000 RMB material cost.

Construction application photo of BD707 fine ceramic bead filling particle abrasion wearing resistant coating epoxy repair
putty compound:

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