high temperature anti chemical impact corrosion abrasion wearing resistant epoxy compound ceramic coatings used in desulfurization system slurry circulating pump rubber lining pipeline repairing and protecting

BD727 high temperature anti chemical impact corrosion abrasion wearing resistant epoxy compound ceramic coatings used in desulfurization system slurry circulating pump rubber lining pipeline repairing and protecting.

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Desulfurization slurry circulating pump impeller repairing technology:

Desulfurization slurry circulating pump is repaired by the BD727 desulfurization slurry recycle pump repair high temperature anti chemical abrasion
wear corrosion resistant coatings of Xiangyang City Hundred Shield Coating Material Co.,Ltd,the service life increased greatly after abrasion resistant,
corrosion resistant treatment.

At the request of the state environmental protection department,thermal power plant,chemical plants and other emission substandard enterprises
all need using desulfurization system to solve the emission problems.There is an important equipment in this system–slurry circulating pump,
its running state influences the whole system whether it is normal or not directly.At the same time,the slurry circulating pump is also a large
energy consumption,the power consumption per year for a slurry pump of a whole year uninterrupted operation is up to 500 kw,in the process
of long time running,the impeller surface suffers from abrasion,corrosion,cavitation etc.damage,the blade will wear thin,indentation (corrosion),
even appear gaps gradually.These indentation and gaps will gradually expand to cause the structural damage,eventually led to the impeller scrap,
at the same time,it will also reduce the efficiency of the pump seriously.

The indentation and rough of impeller surface increase the overflowing resistance.The impeller gaps will cause a large number of eddy,
the rate of flow reduced,consumes energy.The above reasons will consume more than 6-7% energy,500 Kw for example,it will consume over
300,000 degrees power more than others,as the slurry pump’s working condition is very bad,general the impeller will need to change or repair for
running a year or two.The material of impeller is special and cost expensive,it will cost more than 200 thousand for imported pump changing
the impeller,even though for domestic production pump, it will also cost about 100 thousand.

According to the previous repair methods–overlaying(easy to cause blowout),in the construction of energy-saving society today,improve the
efficiency of circulating pump,improve the maintenance technology for power plant,petrochemical and other enterprises to reduce auxiliary power,
save the maintenance cost both has great economic benefit and great social significance.

So these running slurry circulating pump impeller need repairing, energy conservation and renovation in time.Solution: According to the
slurry circulating pump working environment,using BD727 chemical corrosion abrasion wearing resistant compound desulfurization slurry
circulating pump repair epoxy coating can solve the mechanical abrasion, chemical corrosion and erosion problems very effectively,
restore the impeller surface quality,prolong the service life,improve the pump running state,improve the pump efficiency.

Construction scheme:
1.Surface treatment: Do the coarsening treatment on the pending-repair parts,grinding with angle grinder or sand blasting etc,the surface after
coarsening treatment should be cleaned,the surface after this treatment should be the one coarsening,dry and fresh substrates,
should be no greasy dirt and dust.

2.Preparation: According to the weight ratio 4:1,make A and B two components mix uniformly,and use it up within 40 min.Generally it’s while
construction and configuration.Every time the most configuration quantity is not more than 2Kg,too much adhesive is solidified too fast,
hasn’t been used up until the adhesive has partial solidified and can’t be used.According to the actual temperature,distribution can be properly
a little more in winter and proper less in summer.If the temperature is too low,can properly heat up the A component to reduce the viscosity
for easy to configure.

3.Coating: the coating thickness of slurry circulating pump wear & corrosion resistant coating is 2-4mm,make the mixed-up material be coating
on the pending-repair part layer by layer,the first layer should be compacted,make it fully infiltrates with the substrates,repair the surface to be
smooth after the coating is coated in the suitable size,or use the low viscosity abrasion resistant coatings to smear the surface of the coating,
this material can’t do machining,should pay attention to controlling the coating thickness to avoid appearing interference phenomenon
in the assembly.

4.Curing:It can be put into using after curing for 24 hours at the temperature of 25 degree,if the temperature is low,should heat it up or prolong
curing time to promote the curing.General construction in winter,you can use the iodine tungsten lamp to do irradiation heating with 40cm
distance from the coating.

The energy saving principle of this scheme as follow:
1.It can plug up the perforation on the impeller,prevent high and low pressure zone from connecting,reduce the energy losses.

2. It can fill up the pits on the overflowing surface,reduce the overflowing resistance.

3.It can brush coating the ceramic surface very smooth,can greatly reduce the formation of the eddy,reduce the eddy resistance.

Range of application for BD727 slurry recycle pump repair chemical wear abrasion corrosion resistant coating:
Used in the preparation of wearing abrasion resistant,corrosion resistant coating on the surface of various machine parts which have high temperature,
abrasion wear resistant or corrosion resistant requirements,like power plants, steel mills,the flue etc.

Product packaging actual photo of BD727 slurry circulating pump protective corrosion abrasion wear chemical resistant coatings:


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