ball mill rubber linging brick repair high alumina ceramic adhesive

BD200 ball mill rubber ceramic lining brick repair compound epoxy adhesive

Performance features of BD200 ball mill ceramic rubber liner brick repair wear resistant adhesives:
1.It’s made of modified toughening heat resistant resin and special curing agent.
2.Aging resistant,high temperature resistant,with good toughness.
3.The highest working temperature is 200 degree.
4.The viscosity is moderate,easy for construction.

Product usage of BD200 ball mill rubber linging brick repair high alumina ceramic adhesive:
With high bonding strength and good toughness,specially used in the bonding of ball mill liner ceramic lining plate.

How to use:
1.Surface treatment:Clean up the residual lining brick and polish or sand blast on the surface of the cylinder.
Grinding or sand blasting for the new cylinder directly.

2.Configure/Mixing adhesive:Make the A and B double components mix uniformly according to the specified ratio.

3.Using adhesive:Make the mixed-up adhesive be blade coating on the surface of ceramic lining brick uniformly.

4.Curing:It can be put into using after fully curing for 24 hour at room temperature of 25 degree.

Physical performance:
White paste,the shear strength is more than 16Mpa,excellent in aging resistance and temperature resistance.

Performance index:

Shear strength
G B1041-79
Impact strength
(J/ cm2)
temperature resistant
( ℃)
Using quantity
per ton liner plate(Kg)
Usable time
1.35 166 1030 34 -60-220 20-25 24

Transportation storage:
1.Sealed for storage in a cool and dry place,the warranty period is 12 months.
2.Avoid placing it upside down,knocking against and transporting it as a non-dangerous product during transportation.

Packaging Specification:

Two components,5Kg/group,packed in a plastic drum.

4 thoughts on “ball mill rubber linging brick repair high alumina ceramic adhesive

  1. My self Jignesh Patel from A&J Microns Pvt. Ltd. – India, We are using total 6Numbers of Ball mills for Feldspar Grinding application, We generally use 92% Alumina Bricks to construct the inner Lining of Ball mills, We Use White cement paste to construct it but we feel that it’s construction and curing time is too much longer and due to it we have to stop production for more than 7days, We would like to have some better way to Construct ball mill lining due to which we can save the total time of Curing and can get a better strength than the ordinary White cement lining,

    Please do contact me with full details of your product with techno – commercial offer and also it’s availability in India, Please share with me your Indian Agent or Dealer contact details,

    thanking you once again,


    1. Could you send us your detailed working conditions by Email? my mailbox: We want to know your working condition temperature and the construction effect you required to recommend our most suitable coating material to you,will keep in touch with you!
      We’re looking forward to your soonest reply!!


    2. I have already forwarded your requirements to our technical personnel,could you inform us your working temperature? could you inform us the thickness of the ceramic(alumina) bricks you used? We have no Indian agent,if you have high temperature requirement,we will recommend our BD200 ball mill lining special epoxy adhesive based on your working conditions,the complete curing time of our BD200 is about 22 to 24 hours at room temperature of 25 degree,you could know the product details of our BD200 from the website link:


    3. From the content you sent me,I have a question to ask you,do you need our epoxy adhesive material to do bonding Ceramic/Alumina Bricks or do the gap filling for the inner lining of your ball mill? Bonding Alumina Bricks for the inner lining of your ball mill without high temperature requirements,we will recommend our BD200 ball mill special ceramic/alumina bricks bonding & installing epoxy adhesive to you.Gap filling for the inner lining of your ball mill without high temperature requirements,we will recommend our BD938X ball mill lining gap filling special castable epoxy adhesive to you,know more about the product details from the website link:


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