low temperature curing crusher filling backing compound

BD67 low temperature fast curing cone crusher lining plate filling material epoxy two components adhesive backing compound
application in northern area

In the northern area of China,it will appear the problem of not curing,slow curing speed,curing degree not enough of liner plate filling material
backing compound during replacing the crusher lining plate under the low temperature working condition in winter,its main reason is that:
because most of filling material is compounded by the base material of polyester and epoxy material,this kind of material has low chemical reactivity,
the reaction rate reduced under the low temperature environment.

Xiangyang City Hundred Shield Coating Material Co.,Ltd is based on the northern customers’ requirements,they developed BD67 low temperature
curing crusher lining plate filling material backing compound through a large number of testing,this adhesive is made of modified acrylic acid,
it has the advantage of good liquidity,strong filling ability,simple to use,safety and environmental protection,low shrinking percentage,high bonding
strength,high bearing capacity and dismountable etc.

BD67 crusher lining plate filling material backing compound can be used in the temperature of -20-15 degree,when the temperature of cone is below -20
degree or above 15 degree,try not to be construction.(if the temperature is below -20 degree,it can not be curing,if the temperature is above 15 degree,
the curing speed is too fast,the operation time is not enough),when the temperature is below 10 degree,The viscosity is high,it’s hard to be pouring,
you can make the A component of BD67 backing compound filling adhesive heat up to the temperature of about 15 degree,then stir it uniformly for using.
When the temperature is above 10 degree,the usable time is short,you can reduce the quantity of preparation adhesive,it is while pouring and
preparation of materials.

Every time the largest total quantity of mixing adhesive should be not more than 30Kg,should finish potting as soon as possible after well mixing,
before using in quantity,please try out small quantity first,grasp the use skill of our products,in order not to appearing mistakes,mixing adhesive quantity
can not be too much,for fear that the operation time is not enough.

Product usage of BD67 low temperature curing crusher liner plate filling adhesive backing compound:
The BD67 low temperature backing epoxy compound adhesive is used for filling the space between the liner plate and the matrix of the crusher,
the clearance between the rubble drum and the jacket, and the gap between the cone and the protective layer.Besides this kind of backing adhesive
serves as the buffing material as the equipment is exposed to the impact of the crushed ores, or when the equipment is under the circumstances of the load vibration.



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