high temperature wearing epoxy compound inorganic adhesive

1200N high temperature anti abrasion wearing resistant compound epoxy inorganic adhesive

Performance features of BD1200N anti wear high temperature resistant epoxy compound inorganic adhesives:
1.Two components, inorganic bonding material.
2.The highest temperature resistant can reach to 1200 degree.

3.Has very high compressive shear strength
4.The amount of shrinkage for material curing process is small

5.Do not flaw
6.With strong bonding force to metal substrates.

Product usage:
Used for repairing and bonding of the workpiece under the high temperature working condition of 1200 degree,it has high bonding strength
especially for the metal substrates.

You could adjust the mixing mass ratio based on actual required viscosity of your working condition between mixing mass ratio A:B=2:3
to A:B=3:2.

Curing condition:
Curing for 2 hours at room temperature,and heat it up to the temperature of 60-80 degree and keep this temperature for 2 hours,then heat it up
to the temperature of 150 degree and keep this temperature for 2 hours,after that cool it down to the room temperature slowly.

Curing strength is lower at the room temperature,if there is no heating measures,it can be put into using after curing for at least 5-7 days at
room temperature,although in strict accordance with the curing condition,place it for 2~4 hours at the room temperature first,then heat it up
to the temperature of 60~80 degree slowly and keep this temperature for 2 hours,after that heat it up to the temperature of 150 degree slowly
and keep this temperature for 2 hours,then cool it down to the room temperature slowly.If the production rhythm is allowed,try to place it for
a long time at room temperature,then do the heating,it helps to reduce the generation of porosity.Avoid direct heating or too fast heating speed,
the cooling speed can’t also be too fast,had better use furnace cooling.If the condition is allowed,can separately heat up the A component to
remove a small amount of aqueous vapor that can absorb before using.

Operation time: 20~30 min.

Performance index:

BD1200N high temperature resistant inorganic adhesives
Physical state Density
compressive strength
shear strength
Usable time
Working temperature
paste 1.4 32.2 28
(during muff coupling)
45 -60-1200

Special version:
1.This parameter is based on laboratory conditions,due to the actual working condition is more complex,we recommend that users do pretest according to the actual working condition.

2.Should pay attention to strengthen ventilation in the process of using.

Packaging specification:
Two components,250g/set,packed in a plastic small box,(A component:167g/box, B component: 83g/box.) or packed it based on users’

Transportation storage:
Sealed storage in the cool and dry place.The warranty period is 6 months.Avoid placing it upside down,knocking against and transporting it as
a non-dangerous product during transportation.


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