slurry shower pipe wearing resistant compound epoxy coating

BD436 high temperature anti abrasion wear impact corrosion chemical resistant epoxy compound ceramic coating used in desulfuration system equipment slurry shower pipeline rubber lining repairing and protecting

Slurry shower pipe,its distribution pipe network has two kinds of steel lining rubber pipe and glass fiber reinforced plastic pipes.It will appear the bulge,
peeling and falling off etc.phenomenon for the steel lining rubber pipe during using,if it appears for a large area,we should peel off the rubber layer,
make the combined protective coatings on the steel pipeline,choose the materials of BD407,BD408 and BD7053.If it is only the partial bulge or peeling,
you can clean up the adhesive residue of this part,smear the BD436 rubber lining repair agent abrasion wearing resistant epoxy compound to do the repairing.
BD436 high temperature abrasion wearing resistant compound rubber lining repair agent both has wear resistant and corrosion resistant performance,
at the same time,it has higher bonding strength to metal and rubber,according to the experience data, every 2.5mm thickness BD436 rubber lining repair
compound abrasion wear resistant coatings can provide one year’s protection for the spray system during repairing.The corrosion resistance of the glass
fiber reinforced plastic pipeline is undoubted,when the wear resistant coating on its surface is failure, can smear the BD7053 desulfurization special
wear resistant coatings for abrasion resistant protection again.

Product usage of BD436 high temperature wearing abrasion resistant rubber lining repair agent epoxy compound:
It’s suitable for the construction of vertical surface and top face,it can form the surface smooth,corrosion resistant,wear resistant protective coating
after curing.Repair all kinds of high temperature corrosion of pump, valve, pipeline, heat ex-changer,end plate,blade,reaction kettle.
Especially for the repairing of tank liners,pipeline lining,chemical storage tank lining based on the damage,falling off,with excellent results.
It contains ceramic beads particle as the abrasive material,with excellent abrasion wear resistance and corrosion resistance.

Know more about our BD436 from website link:

Construction case photos show:

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