high strength flexible wearing compound elastic adhesive

BD818 high bonding strength anti chemical abrasion wearing resistant compound epoxy flexible elastic adhesives used in sand mixer blade and shell surface bonding ceramic tile

When one of Baoding casting machinery factories manufacturing sand mixer,in order to enhance the abrasion wear resistance of sand mixer blade and shell,
stick anti wear abrasion ceramic tile on its surface,they chose epoxy adhesive to stick abrasion wear resistant ceramic tile before,but in the process of
cleaning sand,because of the knock and vibration,it has stronger impact force,epoxy adhesives have the disadvantage of poor toughness,even though
pass the modified and toughening,the effect is still not ideal,based on this reason,they choose the BD818 high bonding strength abrasion wearing resistant
flexible compound elastic adhesive which produced by our factory–Xiangyang City Hundred Shield Coating Material Co.,Ltd.(product details from: http://www.wearcoating.com/elastic%20flexible%20adhesive/elastic_flexible_bonding_repair_compound_epoxy_adhesive_4412.html)

they have already solved this problem.The bonding range of BD818 high strength flexible compound elastic adhesive is wide,it has good adhesion to rubber,
leather,fabric,foamed plastic and metal etc.With high bonding strength,two components,room temperature curing,the curing speed is fast,with good
elasticity and technology capability,convenient for using.

How to use of our BD818 anti abrasion wear resistant high bonding strength flexible epoxy compound elastic adhesive:

1.Clean the pending-bonding surface,wipe off oil stain,dust etc. impurity.

2.According to the mass ratio A:B=10:8,mix and stir it uniformly in the dry and clean vessel.

3.Make this flexible compound elastic adhesive brush coating on the pending-repair part,place it for more than 24 hours at room temperature.

Product usage of BD818 high strength abrasion wearing resistant compound flexible elastic adhesives:
Used in the self-adhesion,each-adhesion and sealing of metal,ceramic,cement,stone,glass,leather,rubber,fabric,hard plastic,foam plastic and other materials.


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