flotation cell repair anti wearing compound epoxy coating

BD7052 high temperature anti chemical impact abrasion wearing corrosion resistant epoxy coatings used in the mining use flotation cell rubber lining pipeline repairing and protecting

At present,in the process of producing flotation machine for most of the enterprises,they will brush a layer of anti abrasion wearing
corrosion resistant rubber on the inner wall of the equipment.The rubber lining has two methods,one is cold sticking method,
make the cutting out of molding rubber plate paste on the equipment inner wall with the adhesive,this method is simple,
but because the corrosion resistance and water resistance of the adhesives are not ideal,the rubber lining will often appear the debonding,
bump even large area falling off etc.phenomenon along the cutting slit in the process of using,lose the intrinsical protection effect,
lead to the engineering failure,the other is hot vulcanization method,vulcanizate a layer of rubber on the inner wall of flotation cell directly.
This method has a good effect,

but the construction technology is very trouble,need special equipment and other some conditions,not suitable for field maintenance.
Based on this phenomenon,our company developed a new type of pyrite flotation cell special anti wear corrosion resistant coating
(BD7052 flotation cell repair epoxy compound anti chemical corrosion abrasion wearing resistant coatings) is the high performance
anti wearing abrasion corrosion resistant polymer material compounded by the high performance wear resistant particles(silicon carbide
and carborundum etc.) and modified resin.This material is a combination of excellent corrosion resistance from high polymer material
and excellent abrasion resistance from silicon carbide,alumina particles.Has good wear resistance,excellent corrosion resistance,
strong adhesive strength and good cavitation resistance.Especially suitable for repairing the potion corrosion from flotation cell inner wall
and wear corrosion caused by mineral grains,or the preparation of wear resistant corrosion resistant pre-protective coating on the inner wall
of flotation cell directly.

Range of application for BD7052 flotation tank anti chemical corrosion abrasion resistant repair compopund epoxy coating:
Used in the repairing of corrosion,wear abrasion on the flotation cell which caused by potion and mineral grains,can also used in the
preparation of wearing abrasion resistant,corrosion resistant pre-protective coating on the inner wall of flotation cell directly.

 Performance feature of BD7052 flotation cell repair epoxy compound anti chemical corrosion wear resistant coatings:
1. With excellent wear & corrosion resistance
2. With very high bonding strength to metal substrates
3. The facade doesn’t flow,construction is convenient,without high technical requirements for the constructors.
4. Suitable for the repairing and protecting of various wear,corrosion working condition.

Product packaging actual photos of our BD7052 flotation cell anti abrasion wearing corrosion resistant coating:




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