blower wheel wear resistant repair compound epoxy adhesive

BD151 high temperature anti chemical impact abrasion wearing resistant repair compound epoxy coating ceramic tile adhesives used in blower wheel fan impeller rubber lining ceramic liner repairing and protecting 

Draught fan impeller blower wheel is the equipment of long-term high speed running,vulnerable to erosion and abrasion from materials.
Xiangyang City Hundred Shield Coating Material Co.,Ltd produced BD151 draught fan impeller blower wheel special repair epoxy compound
anti wear abrasion resistant ceramic tile bonding adhesives (details from
is composed of modified toughening resin and composite curing agent.Aging resistant, with good toughness,can cure at room temperature,
can also heat for curing.

Used for the bonding of draught fan impeller wear resistant ceramic chip under 150 degree temperature,can stick the abrasion resistant ceramic tile
on the easy abrasion parts of fan impeller,can prolong the service life of the fan impeller,and can solve the problem of the draught fan of dynamic
and static balance.In addition,Xiangyang City Hundred Shield Coating Material Co.,Ltd produced BD706 wear resistant coating (details from
web link:
is the wear resistant anti corrosive polymerization ceramic material compounded by the high performance abrasion resistant ceramic particles and
modified toughening resin.Can manufacture abrasion resistant corrosion resistant coatings on the surface of the impeller,draught fan shell,achieve the
anti corrosion abrasion wearing resistant effect.

Range of application for BD151 anti chemical impact abrasion wearing resistant fan impeller ceramic tile adhesive:
Used in the self-adhesion and each-adhesion between metal,ceramic and other materials.Especially used in the paste of fan impeller
blower wheel wearing abrasion resistant ceramic tile.

Construction application photos of BD151 anti wear abrasion blower wheel bonding ceramic tile repair epoxy adhesives:

Product packaging actual photo of BD151 fan impeller bonding ceramic tile repair wear abrasion resistant adhesive:

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