ball mill outlet pipe elbow wearing compound epoxy coating

BD7021 high temperature anti chemical impact corrosion abrasion wearing resistant epoxy compound ceramic coatings used in mining use ball mill outlet pipeline elbow rubber liner ceramic lining repairing and protecting

The iron ore dressing plant in the process of ore crushing,you need to use the ball mill to crush the ore.Because the ball mill outlet pipeline elbow
suffers the erosion wear from iron powder,spit out the small steel ball and other impurities mixed slurry,abrasion is serious.Usually the 20mm thick
pipeline elbow can only use 1 week,then will change it for the abrasion and perforation,the serious influence the enterprise continuous production,
cause the huge losses for the enterprise.Choosing Xiangyang City Hundred Shield Coating Material Co.,Ltd production BD7021 ball mill outlet pipeline
elbow repair epoxy compound anti abrasion wearing resistant coating can effectively solve this problem.

Repairing technology:
1.Surface treatment:
Do the coarsening treatment on the pending-repair parts (general processing parts is about a third larger than abrasion parts),grinding with
angle grinder or sand blasting treatment(sand blasting effect is the best) etc.The surface after the coarsening treatment should be cleaned by
the cleaning agent (acetone,ethyl acetate,banana oil etc.) and dry it in airing (can use hair dryer to blow-dry quickly in winter),the surface after
this treatment should be the one coarse,dry and fresh substrate,and should be no greasy dirt and dust.

(Make the special undercoat of BD426T wear resistant coating mix uniformly according to 8:1 and brush coating on the metal substrate surface
(can preheat the undercoat and substrates first,easy to brush coating),and then wait for the undercoat curing (the temperature is low in winter,
can bake it with iodine tungsten lamp and heat it up to the temperature of 60-80 degree then keep this temperature for 1-2 hours after
the undercoat brush coating).

2.Preparation of BD7021 anti chemical wearing abrasion resistant ball mill outlet pipe elbow repair compound epoxy coating:
After the undercoat complete curing,make the A and B two component of BD7021 anti chemical wearing abrasion resistant ball mill outlet pipeline
elbow repair epoxy ceramic coating mix uniformly according to the weight ratio A: B = 7:1,and use it up within 15 min.generally it’s while
construction and configuration.Every time the most configuration quantity is not more than 2Kg,every time configure too much adhesive,
the curing speed is fast,hasn’t been used up until the adhesive has partial cured and can’t be used.When the temperature is below 15 degree,
can preheat the A and B component up to the temperature of 30 degree separately before mixing the adhesives,then mix it for using.
Don’t need for construction in summer.

the BD7021 ball mill outlet pipe elbow wear abrasion resistant repairing epoxy coating suitable coating thickness is 4-20mm,make the
mixture material be coating on the surface of undercoat, the adhesive layers should be compacted layer by layer(can hammer it to be
compacted with a hammer).Repair the surface to be smooth after the coating is coated in the suitable size,should pay attention to controlling
the coating thickness to avoid appearing interference phenomenon in the assembly during repairing.

4.The curing condition:
After the initial curing at the room temperature,heat it up to the temperature of about 100 degree slowly and keep this temperature for 2-4 hours,
then cool it down slowly.

In the process of using this adhesive,should pay attention to not touching with the moisture,should place the unspent adhesive in the dry environment
and seal up for storage.

Construction case photos for your reference:

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