ball mill leaking slurry repair wearing compound coating

BD709 high temperature anti chemical impact corrosion abrasion wearing resistant
epoxy compound ceramic coating used in mining use ball mill rubber lining pipeline
leaking slurry repairing and protecting

Hubei Zhangshupin one of phosphorite ball mill slurry leakage,go through the analysis,mainly the interspace of  mine slurry getting into the
feeding tube and hollow shaft,destroyed the original touching surface,lead to leaking slurry of hollow shaft.Use the BD709 high temperature
abrasion wearing impact resistant coating of Xiangyang City Hundred Shield Coating Material Co.,Ltd to maintain,the equipment operates for a
year without appearing slurry leakage phenomenon again.

Specific construction plan as follow:
1.Clean up and grind feeding tube and hollow shaft,make its surface be clean,coarse and dry.

2.Brush coating the BD709 anti impact high temperature wear abrasion resistant special prime coating on the polishing area.

3.After the prime coat curing,blade coating the BD709 high temperature impact abrasion wearing resistant repair compound epoxy coating on
its surface uniformly.

4.After the BD709 high temperature abrasion wear impact resistant repair coating epoxy compound initial curing,bake it for 2 hours with the
iodine tungsten lamp to finish repairing.

After repairing the slurry leakage part,there is no gaps,as a result,it solves the slurry leakage problem.Because the BD709 anti wear abrasion impact
high temperature resistant coating is elastic wearing resistant compound,this product is impact resistant and wear resistant after curing,
can ensure the integrity of the coating for a long time,in order to ensure the long-term operation of the ball mill.

Range of application for BD709 wearing abrasion impact high temperature resistant epoxy coating:
Used in the partial repairing and whole protecting under the working condition of the equipment which has higher wear abrasion resistant,
impact resistant requirements.Such as:power plant coal transportation system transflux part,all coal washery transflux part,mining transport,
separation system etc.Especially suitable for moist or underwater environment,avoid using in high temperature transportation system.Such as:
slurry agitation tank,agitator blade,magnetic separator roller,belt conveyor roller,centrifuge,vibrating screen girder propping,ball mill end cover,
chute,pipeline,elbow etc.

Product packaging actual photo of BD709 high temperature abrasion wear impact resistant coating epoxy compound:

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